Oscar 221 Portable Sawmill

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Oscar 221 Portable Sawmill

Brand: Hud-Son
  • Woodmizer band blades for sale upon request 
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Item #: OSCAR-221

Oscar 221 Sawmill 5 HP Electric Motor

Price $4,745.00

 Oscar 221 Portable Sawmill  Oscar 221 Portable Sawmill  Oscar 221 Portable Sawmill  Oscar 221 Portable Sawmill

Blade Guide Set-Up Instructions & Parts Indentification

In the case of the Oscar-221 you, our customers have wanted electric start. We researched and found Subaru to have a 9HP motor with electric start and manual recoil. This is very handy if your battery ever fails, you can still start your unit. It also has a one-inch crankshaft that will accept our heavy-duty Noram centrifugal clutch. This upgrade is the same clutch we use on our 14-35 hp motor and they have given flawless performance and durability. The Subaru 9 hp motor also carries a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. The Oscar-221 has a 21” diameter log capacity and unlimited length capacity with optional track sections. The standard unit comes with two six-foot sections of track that will allow you to cut a 9 ½ foot log. The unit is manually adjusted for height by a hand crank and is pushed through the cut. The scale system incorporates a dual measuring scale. It has inches or metric for you to cut at a specific height for beams or mantles and a quarter scale rule for dimensional lumber. The Oscar-221 comes with a blade lubrication system that holds 2 1/1 gallons of blade lube. The blade lube is a simple mixture of dishwashing soap and water or windshield washer fluid if temperatures dip below freezing. This system flows directly onto the blade to keep blades free of pitch and running freely through the Hud-son Guides. The guides limit the blade deviation by having a shoe above and below the blade thus preventing blade fluctuations and porpoising. The cutting head feature 16” band wheels with polypropylene belting to increase band blade life and reduce vibration. The belting is custom made for us and has a “mushroom” shape to keep the blade centered on wheel and tracking correctly. The band wheels ride on a heavy-duty 1 ½” shaft supported by two pillow block bearings on each side of the wheel. This configuration distributes the pressure load evenly over the shaft to eliminate premature shaft or bearing failure. We believe so strongly in this we guarantee the main bearings and shafts for 6 YEARS! The track that the mill operates on is a modular design. You can add as many pieces to the track to cut any length of log you desire. They come in six-foot lengths and have a clamping dog in each section. The clamping dog works in unison with the squaring pin to hold the log in place while cutting and keeps the cutting surface perpendicular to the cutting deck. The Hud-Son Osar-221 is a lot of mill in a small package! It provides a “Pro” style mill for smaller diameter logs and you won’t break the bank paying for it. It come completely assembled except for the track sections and has been tested in wood before it leaves our facility. No buckets of nuts and bolts, no part A or Part B’s fits here, countless calls for help. Made here in the USA . Freight FOB Barneveld, NY 13304.



  • 9 HP Subaru electric start engine
  • 21" Diameter log capacity
  • Unlimited log length capacity with optional track sections
  • New heavy duty Noram clutch with one inch bore
  • Dual measuring system, quarter scale in inches and metric
  • 16" bandwheels with polypropylene belting
  • Hud-Son guide system which supports the blade from above and below the blade for superior accuracy and blade cleaning
  • Heavy duty main bearings and shaft with 6 year standard warranty and optional lifetime warranty
  • Also available in 5 hp electric version