Uniforest Tongs and Grapples

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Uniforest Tongs and Grapples

Brand: Uniforest

Item #: GR1100

GR 1100 w/R-30

In Stock Price $3,295.00

GR 1300 w/R-30

In Stock Price $3,495.00

GR 1800 w/R-45

In Stock Price $4,295.00

Uniforest Tongs and Grapples Uniforest Tongs and Grapples Uniforest Tongs and Grapples

Uniforest tongs and grapples

They can be used as replacement grapples to worn out grapples off log loaders, used on the end of excavator booms, backhoes, and more. Three sizes available 42”, 51”, and 70 3/4"”. All by-pass grapples that can close within inches. They feature extra bracing and aggressive teeth, great for handling logs and debris. Sold as combo systems, grapple with rotators, or separate.

Standard Features Include: max gripping width of 70 3/4", minimum gripping width of 42", left to right hydraulic movement, hydraulic telescopic arm, and hydraulic rotator. Freight FOB Barneveld, NY 13304.

Hydraulic Rotators:

Grapples 1100 1300 1800
Rotator Model GR 30 GR 30 GR 45
Weight 39 Lbs 39 Lbs  51 Lbs