Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What blade goes on my saw mill?
A - Oscar 121, 328, HFE 21: Blade Size: 132" x 1 1/4 .035
     H 360, Farmboss 36, HFE 36, Oscar 236, 330 Pro, 436 Pro, 536 Pro, HFE 30:
     Blade Size: 167" x 1 1/4 .042
     Oscar 52: Blade Size: 221" x 1 1/2 .042

Q - What oil goes in my motor?
A - Please refer to your engine owner's manual to see what the manufacturer specifies for that particular engine.

Q - How do I adjust my guides properly?
A - Please refer to the sawmill owner's manual to see proper  procedure for adjusting guides.

Q - Can I re-sharpen my blade?
A - Yes with a semi automatic band blade sharpener. It will keep your blades in top condition while enhancing your bandmill efficiency and reducing operating costs.

Q - Why are my boards wavy? 
A - Possible blade tension, pitch build-up on blade, feeding too fast.

Q - Why is my CANT out of square?
A - Possible reason 1: After you make your initial cut on log roll it up against the squaring post, you may have not had it aligned properly. This will cause a cant to be out of square.
Possible reason 2: If you apply massive pressure when clamping cant it can sometimes cause the cant to "tilt" and this will cause it to be out of square.
Possible reason 3: If you apply too little pressure when clamping cant it can allow can to move while cutting and this be out of square.

Q- What size log will my mill cut?
A - The HFE 21, Oscar 21 and Oscar 328 will cut a 9' log, the HFE30, HFE36, Oscar 330 Pro, Oscar 236 Pro will cut a 10' log.