Jerry Hawkins

Jerry Hawkins was all smiles and full of gratitude when his Oscar 428 sawmill was delivered to his home in Bainbridge, NY. Jerry, selected out of 9,000 other applicants, was fortunate to be granted a gift through the the program Hope for the Warriors.

Jerry, an Iraq War veteran, was discharged in November 2005 due to a traumatic brain injury. He also suffers from short term memory loss. During the time he served, Jerry was hit by three car bombs. He said the third one was the one that did him in.

“I praise God that I have all my limbs,” he said. “God has been blessing me with Hope for the Warriors, the sawmill, the tractor and you guys — I couldn’t be more thankful.” He decided on getting a Hud-Son mill because he he’s always loved woodworking and anything to do with wood. “It’s natural, it’s peaceful and it’s just therapy for me.”

His whole family was there and excited to see what the mill could do. He and his son definitely know what they're summer plans are... cutting some lumber!

“I never thought this would happen… it’s my dream come true — a fresh start. I’m speechless."

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