Hud-Son Forest Equipment Uniforest 65H Logging Forestry Winch & Why A Remote Is Worth The Money

Hud-Son Forest Equipment Uniforest 65H Logging Forestry Winch & Why A Remote Is Worth The Money

Big thank you to YouTube channel Afleetcommand for this great view of the Hud-Son Forest Equipment Uniforest 65H forestry skidding winch!

The type of operations possible with the remote control of the winch is on display here. “And it’s like a pickup truck, once you have one it’s hard to image life without one”

Well, I ran out of wheel traction on the hillside. I figured I would leave it there. I could have gone down and around come up this way spent an extra

half hour thrashing through the woods but let us see what happens. You will probably see it when that log hit the ground.

What happens is it kind of does a strain relief and you’ll see it kind of curl up where the base of the log is about a foot, foot, and a half off the ground. So, it didn’t put any weight on my three points.

There was no lift on it at all therefore I didn’t have any weight on the log. The tractor ran out of traction and I got kind of sick of screwing around with that.

I want to see if I can get a few logs out before summertime sets in. I realized I need to get that unit, Hud-Son Forest Equipment Uniforest 65H remote control logging winch on that tractor.

One of the things you can do with an operation like that is well I am going to inchworm that log up the hill because I can remotely, from the tractor, release it.

Go forward, set the blade down to the dirt, and reel it back in. Release it again, drive forward, set that down, reel it back in and do it that way.

The reason I mention this is a lot of people say, “How come a Hud-Son Forest Equipment Uniforest versus some of the other brands”?

I would say really what this is about is remote versus the manual winch.  In this situation right here is why.

Because most of my farms are on the hillside and especially when the snow’s on the ground.  I guess a year and a half ago I was doing this quite a bit trying to pull them up out of the swamp.

Just did not have the traction like a big skidder and I would have to basically inch worm the logs up and out.

I can’t imagine doing that operation where I must hop out of the tractor, operate some controls on the back of the skidder winch versus sitting right in the chair.

So, there’s a couple of things that are interesting about this.  Number one I like the stand they have here. Basically, you pull that out and it slides down when it goes back in.

It goes into the hole, so you can pretty much drive away from it after you set those stands. Another thing I like about it is it does have an option for a control box.

I have it unplugged the control box would plug into this right here. We will plug into here. The plug is up in there.

It uses basically like a trailer plug, so I just went down to Tractor Supply and got one of those receivers. Wired it right into my battery and it has a variety of different places

where you can hook up with your three point. I must make it as narrow as possible otherwise when that thing swings an arc behind the tractor.

It will run right to the tires and my three point will hit on the slide right there and not let it go far enough over. To do that if I have it on the inside spot right there.

If you have a bigger tractor maybe outside maybe up. You know you can do that and plus just a standard link right there. It does not need Hydraulics.

It has a hydraulic pump on board so, when you operate the winch you have to have the PTO on the tractor going and that builds pressure.

You’ll see it on the gauge and once you have pressure it has a hydraulic ram that releases and engages the clutch. Now this thing is rated for like 12 000 pounds of pull which is quite a bit.

There is the receiver up there for the little remote operation but if this failed I have a box where I can operate with a box and it would be like a normal non-remote type of a of a winch.

It has a bunch of slots. See, I do not like holes, I like slots. Holes are a pain in the neck to get the chain in and out so having the slot here I think makes sense.

I got a spot for my wedge, driver, and when you have a really heavy pull you can take that cable and bring it down to this pulley that’s magnetically held there.

If you yank on it that breaks the magnet tension. You can set your cable down there so you’re not going to tip your tractor up and over. It has a spot for a saw, but I do not use it.

I like it. I mean I like the way it operates and so you can tell. If the tractor is not running, if there’s hydraulic pressure, you can operate the controls.

If you watch this right here basically, that’s the release of the clutch and the engagement of the clutch.

It is done with again the hydraulic pressure and once the hydraulic pressure drops of course that will not operate.

That’s one of the things you got to pay attention to. There’s a bunch of adjustments and I’m not going to get into that. Right here is where you plug in the you would plug in the control box.

Now like I said what I did is I just wired that directly to the battery. That’s why you have power to operate the system right now it is powered up currently.

Here is what it says about itself. I don’t know if it makes any sense and one of the things it has which I am a little bit, I am not sure I like yet there’s not a

lot of places to grease. I am a guy who greases everything. All the time. So, I have the PTO Shaft or the drive shaft but the bearings are supposedly sealed.

I don’t really see a place to get in there with a grease gun. I’m going to tear it apart later to see but I don’t see any place to get into it with a grease gun.

That’s really the only thing I don’t like because I prefer to have a more simplistic bearing in the a place to grease.

Now that cable it is about 150 feet long. Right now, I had to cut a section off because it started to fray. At some point in time, I’m going to have to go up and have them put a new cable

on it but right now it is going to work for me. It will work for the rest of this year for sure. So that is the Hud-Son Forest Equipment Uniforest 65H that I have and it is an older one.

What I am going to do now is go down and fish out that freaking log. This is why you have one of these!

I may have to do it one more time we’ll these are about 40 or 50 feet. That one might be about 60 feet.

You know good-sized trees. You can tell from the back of the tractor there in the 22 to 26 inch diameter range.

They are good trees and I got a few I’m going to take out. You know I got that one over there too

when I get to 25 feet I stop and I get a truck in here and haul them out. That is the game we play. Now another thing I can do with that log winch is sometimes I want to push

the logs up a little bit. It’s a whole lot easier using the lock and winch to nudge the logs. Then it is to use the bucket.

You know start bending on the bucket frame So yeah, back to the saw again. I’ve got to get down in there so I have

to clean up some of this mess from this winter. That’s a basswood tree which is actually quite long.

I will pull it up and out then clear up some of this here. Get down there and take down one or two of those ash trees.

See if they are too far gone. Now in this direction you won’t see much in the camera but

there is another 10 to 15 nice sized maples in there. I will probably take half of them and leave the rest.

The other thing if you look you see those nice straight beech trees. The ones like this one right here got a little bit of blight started.

If I get it now, it’s nice and straight and it’s big enough in diameter.

They can use those for mats for the big cranes. I count one and then there’s not this one is too small.

The one behind it and there’s a couple over there that I think will fit into that category. So, I’m going to take them and I don’t know

exactly when it will just be. One of those when I feel like it because again it’s

not going to be much money. It’d be about the same as firewood, but I want to get the beech out of here as much as I can.

I got to clean this up and they take grade twos for things like railroad ties. So that top right there that I normally would have left I’m going to pull that

up and out.  Just start getting it up and out and see if I can get any of it sold. Here we are back again.

Two saws and one thing I have discovered. Graphically is the 572 it uses a like a half as much fuel for the same amount of work as that one does.

That one is a hog you know you wouldn’t notice it unless you ran them side by side you know what I am saying.

Maybe not that much but there is a difference. It is a noticeable difference in fuel usage. Wow! Thank you!!

Very well, so that’s why you got that goofy curvature. That’s as far as it would reach through.

I really needed my 28 on this one and I froze that bearing in that thing. I had it pinched, and I just kept it going see if I can cut that

way out because it was smoking. Eventually he came to a stop, so I’m not sure I can salvage it but I’ll give it a try.

I guess as far as the category of why you have two saws sometimes. I do not have a lot to do but we got something to do

might be wondering whether or not there’s a difference between my junk clone saw and this machine right here. There is absolutely no comparison

now that this is broken. I remember when they were about even but right now, that one there has got issues going on with its carburation.

This thing fired up in three pulls and just screams. Does what it does and now we’re going to do another a little bit of

locking winch gymnastics to get that tree out of there so it doesn’t wedge between two trees.

Thank you!!

Courtesy of YouTube Channel Afleetcommand

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