Firewood Bundler Standard Manual Model

Firewood Bundler Standard Manual Model


Standard Manual Model

The Original Firewood Bundler

• Bundles firewood from lengths of 14” to 24” up to 12”x 12” square
• Wrapped using a standard size 11” wrap available at Hud-Son
• Working height of 36” & 1” pillow block bearings
• Wheels to make it easier for moving around the worksite and for storage
• Simple to use!
– Load tray to desired amount
– Place wrap over the bundle
– Turn hand crank to start wrapping
– Cut the wrap and remove the firewood

Bundle ready to be sold!

Specifications: Firewood Bundler Standard Manual Model

Hud-Son Forest Equipment offers a simple way to bundle firewood for sale at campgrounds, convenient stores or any place you would like to offer bundled firewood for sale. The manual firewood bundler is quick and easy to use. The Hud-Son firewood bundler can wrap firewood from 14″ to 24″ in length. The Firewood Bundler can bundle up to 1 full cube. It boasts a strong, sturdy frame design, 2 handles and 2 wheels for easy maneuverability and storage. The firewood bundler comes standard with 11″, 60 gauge wrap. The bundler is able to utilize 11″ or 14″ wrap available in many retail office supply stores and the 11″ wrap is available at Hud-Son Forest Equipment. The tension of the bundle is also adjustable for different styles of wrap. The Hud-Son firewood bundler is simple to use with a hand crank for the wrapping action. Simply place your firewood in the bundler frame, start the wrap around the bundle, before the last wrap around, place your business name and price tag under that last wrap layer to protect it from the elements, cut the wrap and remove the wrapped bundle. Your firewood is now ready for sale in less than a minutes time.



Don’t forget your preload Basket

Part No. ACC-003


Firewood Bundler Standard Manual Model


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12" Shrink Wrap

1 Roll 12"X1500' 80 Gauge

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Pre-load Basket 12" x 12"

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