55H Uniforest Log Skidding Winch

55H Uniforest Log Skidding Winch


55H Skidding Winch

Weight: 870lbs • Winch Height: 4.7ft

• Efficient Wireless Control (H)
• Extra length cable
• Lower snatch blocks
• Removable trailer hitch
• Full protective screen
• Place for a chainsaw


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Specifications: 55H Uniforest Log Skidding Winch

The 55H winch is suitable for connection to medium-sized and slightly larger tractors, hydraulic system and electromagnetically controlled seat valves, hydraulic components, integrated in the column, are protected from damage and weather, multi-blade clutch, lower pulley and serial connection, built-in sealed bearings, lubrication is not required, the possibility of attachment at 2 different heights.

The 55 H Uniforest Log Skidding winch has 12,100 lbs. of tractive force, lower cable position, requires 45-80 HP, wireless remote control available, 230’x 7/16 of standard cable, weighs 1100 lbs, blade width of 5.2 ft., 2.5 ft front to back, 4.7 ft winch height, 7.5 ft overall height and category 1 and 2. It comes with 3 Cable Sliders and a Swivel End Fitter to attach multiple logs.

1. Electromagnetic globe valves (no leaks or pressure losses).
2. Hydraulic components (tank, cylinders…) are galvanic anticorrosion protected.
3. Pump driven through gear drive.
4. All hydraulic components are fitted into the winches framework and therefore protected from damage and weather events.
5. Three-plates clutch from thick sheet metal, therefore there is no tear in the boreholes.
6. Safety pin to keep the wire rope from falling out at the lower pulley.
7. The lower pulley attached using a magnet.
8. Devise for unwinding wire rope is available.
9. Drive elements that are exposed to stress and wear are thermally treated (mended and induction hardened).
10. Sealed bearings no lube required.
11. More built in compartments for chains and other equipment.
12. Chainsaw scabbard and pix axe holder.
13. Trailer coupler storage on winch frame so that it can be put away when not in use but still with the unit.
14. Fold down safety screen so the unit can be placed in storage with low overhead clearance.


Uniforest Skidding Winch 55H

  • Tractive Force Lower Cable Position
  • Power Required HP
  • Wireless Remote
  • Standard Cable
    230′ x 7/16
  • Middle Speed of Cable ft/sec
    2 ft/sec
  • Weight
  • Blade Width ft
  • Front to Back
    1.6 ft
  • Winch Height
  • Overall Height
    7.5 ft
  • Category
    1 & 2


55H Uniforest Log Skidding Winch


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