Hud-Son Lifting Arm

Hud-Son Lifting Arm

Lifting Arm

Lift Hook &

Hydraulic 1200lb Jack


• Two hold extendable boom for logs up to 14 foot long
• 1200 max lift
• Est. winch weight 375 lb
• Hand winch: 1200 lbs
• 12 volt winch: 1200 lbs
• 360 degree swing
• Maximum reach is 7’ 6”
• 3 Adjustable jacks are standard

Specifications: Hud-Son Lifting Arm

Max lift is1200 lbs. Weight: 375 lbs, Hand winch: 1200 lbs, 12volt winch: 1200 lbs, 360 degree swing, maximum reach: 7 foot 6 inch, 3 adjustable jacks The Hud-Son Lift Arm, is perfect for those heavy lifting jobs under 1200 lbs. It comes with a lift hook, and a hydraulic 1200 lb jack. An optional hand winch or 12 volt electric winch to drag logs or many other items into reach of the lift can easily be added. It fits any Class III 10,000 lb receiver, for those wanting to bolt it down to a trailer or other item. It also has a flat plate for other mounting applications. There is a two hole extendable boom for logs up to 14 foot long. The Hud-Son Lifting Arm comes standard with 1200 max lift, estimated weight of 375 lbs. hand winch: 1200 lbs, 12 volt winch: 1200 lbs, a 360 degree swing, maximum reach is 7′ 6″, standard 3 adjustable jacks are standard.


Hud-Son Lifting Arm


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