HW3:16 Wood Splitter

HW3:16 Wood Splitter


HW3:16 Wood Splitter

Traditional but faster stronger

• Commercial grade
• Heavy-duty Hud-Son log splitter
• I-Beam construction

Specifications: HW3:16 Wood Splitter

This traditional wood splitter is a great affordable solution for those who need a greater supply of firewood. This splitter has a 13hp motor and a 10-second cycle time. The HW3:16 will get your production needs done in record time. Many options are available for this splitter including a 24″ wide 4-way wedge and a wood splitting tray for reprocessing. This splitter also compliments most conveyors. Log cradles are another nice add-on making work easier, by helping to hold the block in place.


Standard Equipment:

  • 13 HP Hud-Son gas engine (manual start)
  • 6 inch Beam
  • 16 gallon per minute pump
  • 10 second cycle time
  • Return detent on valve
  • 2 way wedge 12″ tall
  • 4 Way wedge
  • Wood Tray with Chip Grate
  • Log Cradles


HW3:16 Wood Splitter


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