• 4 post frame efficiently transfer engine HP to the blade

• The sturdy cutting head features 16″ band wheels and an adjustable blade guide

• Comes factory assembled and ready to mill in minutes of set up

• Big power, Oscar frame, electric start!


3-6 year warranty for your portable sawmill

oscar series hud-son portable sawmill

(10 customer reviews)

Specifications: OSCAR 528 PORTABLE SAWMILL

The Oscar 528 is the first in the Oscar line of sawmills. Powered by a stout 14 horsepower electric start gas motor or 5hp 220v electric motor, this mill will muscle through the cut with ease. The unit uses the same large diameter clutch we run on our larger mills to give trouble free service and longevity. This sawmill has a manual winch to set your depth of cut and has the dual scale system to allow for maximum versatility in cutting dimensional lumber. The mill is also manual feed through the cut. All you have to do is gently push on the carriage. Optional Power Feed System available too. As in the entire Oscar sawmills this mill has a moveable guide tube that allows you to keep the band blade guides close to the wood for maximize accuracy.


  • Max Log Capacity
    28″ Diameter
  • Distance Between Guide
  • Max Thickness of Cut
  • Standard Track Length
    18′ / 3 – 6′  Steel Sections
  • Log Dogs
    2 Cam Style Dogs & Square Posts
  • Max Log Length (with standard track)
  • Blade
    132 X 1.25 X .035″
  • Blade Lubrication
    5 Gallon
  • Track Sweeps


  • Engine / Motor
    14hp Gas- Electric Start / 5hp 220V
  • Clutch Engagement


  • Frame
    4 Post with Lift Tubes
  • Bandwheels
  • Guide System
    Dual Shoe Guides, 1 Adjustable
  • Lift System
    Lift Bale
  • Measuring
    Dual Scale 1″and 4,5,6,8 Quarter
  • Main Bearings


  • 3-Year Limited Warranty
    Residential Use
  • 6-Year Warranty
    Main Shafts and Bearings




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5HP Electric 28" mill 18' Ground Track

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WM132 Blade Replacement

Single Blade

$25.00Add to cart

WM132-BOX Blade Replacement

Case of 15 Blades

$335.00Add to cart

TE-28 6' Steel Track Extension

w/ Dog

$550.00Add to cart

TK-28-20 20' Trailer

Single Axle

$3,400.00Add to cart


Chain Drive Power Feed

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Sawmill Maintenance Kit

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10 reviews for OSCAR 528 PORTABLE SAWMILL

  1. David Grissom

    I have owned this Mill for about 6 months and it is a great mill. I built a trailer under it and ramps and a loader. It has plenty of horsepower to muscle through all the white oak, maple, walnut, or hickory I have thrown at it.. I love the electric start. The frame is built like a tank. I cut logs almost every weekend and with regular maintenance I know this mill will give me years of faithful service.

  2. Tim Glenn

    I hired Mr. Grissom and we sawed a couple of white oak logs that were near the capacity of the mill and it did a beautiful job of the milling. well made machine and excellent workmanship by the sawyer. thanks Dave. got some honey locust I would like to try next.

  3. Hud-Son (store manager)

    Customer reply to Verified Owner: Dave G. Iowa

  4. Davy Davenport

    Oscar 428

  5. Christopher Boggs

    My Oscar 28 mill is awesome
    Does everything it should

  6. Tom Dugan

    Works great! Oscar 428 sawmill

  7. Ronnie Duggar

    I have a Oscar 428. It’s the first sawmill I’ve ever ran or sawed a log with, so I don’t have much to compare against.
    Pros. Electric start, plenty of power
    Cons. I replaced it with and eBay electric winch and it’s much better. There’s no easy way to fuel it up with a 5 gallon jug.
    It’s not the easiest to torque the blade theirs not much room to turn the wrench.
    The log dogs both have to be up to stop the log from rolling over the track.
    I cut the square tubing and welded round tubing on the middle dog. Upright will stay and the dog will swivel down.
    Overall I like the mill it seems to be good quality. I’ve herd good things. The rep was really nice and informative. I will shop with hud-son again.

  8. Nancy Clark

    We have an Oscar428 sawmill. It was very easy to set up. It cuts quickly and cleanly. The depth guide was a great help in getting the boards just the right size.

  9. Lawrence Johnson

    I’ve owned an Oscar 228 for 12 years, I replaced the motor and a few guides that I actually broke myself ,other then that I have been very happy with it.

  10. Mark Leclerc

    I purchased a used Oscar 28 mill and 24 feet of track approx ten years ago. My unit came with an 8HP briggs motor; and it is still running well. The pillow blocks; drive wheels, head unit and frame have all held up perfectly during my ownership, and I have sawn logs near the mill capacity on frequent occasion.
    I am very impressed with the simple yet durable design; the Oscar 28 is an excellent mill for the home owner or hobby sawyer.
    I also appreciate that Hud-son still offers replacement parts which fit my older model.

    Thank you Hud-son!

  11. timothy smith

    I still have an oscar 28 that I purchased over 20 years ago and have used to build 4 structures , from my own house to a large barn. I have had to upgrade the motor to a 12 horsepower but it has served me well, with track extensions I routinely cut 18 ft. stock. best investment I have made.

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