45M Uniforest Log Skidding Winch

45M Uniforest Log Skidding Winch

45M Skidding Winch

 Manual Control

• Extra length cable

• Lower snatch blocks

• Removable trailer hitch

• Full protective screen

• Place for a chainsaw


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Specifications: 45M Uniforest Log Skidding Winch

The Uniforest 45 M skidding winch is rated for 30 to 60 horsepower and has 9900 lbs of pull. The main cable is 230 feet long and is 7/16” in diameter. It comes with 3 Cable Sliders and a Swivel End Fitter to attach multiple logs. The unit weighs in at 767 lbs and is a category I & II hitch. The 45M comes standard with upper and lower pulley, chainsaw scabbard and PV holder.

Make quick, safe work of your firewood or sawmill logs harvesting. The 230 feet of cable allows you to keep your tractor on solid ground and bring the logs to you. This also makes your operation low impact on the environment.


Uniforest Skidding Winch 45M

  • Tractive Force Lower Cable Position
  • Power Required HP
  • Wireless Remote
  • Standard Cable
    230′ x 7/16
  • Middle Speed of Cable ft/sec
    3 ft/sec
  • Weight
  • Blade Width ft
  • Front to Back
    1.6 ft
  • Winch Height
  • Overall Height
    6.6 ft
  • Category
    1 & 2


45M Uniforest Log Skidding Winch


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