How to Videos

How to Sharpen Saw Mill Blades

Prolong the life of bandsaw mill blades using Hud-Son Band Blade Sharpener periodically.   Effortless demonstration.  Sharpens Hud-son blades and Apex RF profile blades (Woodmizer / Munkfors). Optional: Grind wheel for Apex SL profile blades (Hakansson).

How to Adjust Blade Guides

Small Hud-Son Blade Guide Set Up and Adjustment.  Setting the Guide Shoes. Identifying the Guide Shoe Brackets for your specific mill. Guide Body, fastener bolts, bearing part information

How to Shutdown your Sawmill

Hud-Son shutdown procedure.  Ken shows us a quick shutdown procedure for when you’re done milling for the day and you’re ready to shutdown your mill.

How to Assemble your Hud-Son Sawmill

How to assemble your Freedom Line Sawmill. If you’re a handy person and choose to assemble your sawmill, this video will demonstrate the process. 

How to Adjust the Bandwheel on the Oscar 52 Sawmill

How to adjust the bandwheel on the Oscar 52. The quickest and easiest way to make this adjustment.

Small Hud-Son Guide & Parts Breakdown

Mike Beer goes over our small blade guide setup and how to adjust it. He also goes over the part breakdown and identification.

How to Adjust the Blade Tension

A Step By Step Guide. We’ll show you the quarter test to determine if adjustments need to be made and what they should be.

How to Use a Sharpener

This is a “How To Use” video for the Hud-Son Sharpener.

How To Set Up a Sharpener

This is the Hud-Son Sharpener “How to Set Up” video by Hud-Son Forest Equipment

Freedom Line Sawmill Videos

The Most Affordable Sawmill

The Hunter and Sawyers are built with our hardworking, do-it-yourself customers in mind. It’s our most affordable mill yet.

How to Assemble your Sawmill

How to assemble your Freedom Line Sawmill.    If your a handy person and choose to assemble your sawmill this video will demonstrate the process. 

Oscar Line Sawmill Videos

Oscar 52 and 60

Hud-Son Forest’s Oscar 52 sawmill has a 52″ log capacity and can cut up to a 48″ wide board, making it ideal for cutting large-sized logs.The custom made 60″ Hud-Son sawmill comes with an optional 34 HP diesel engine. This mill has a durable, long-lasting, baked on powder-coat finish.

Oscar 60

The 60” mill was custom designed to cut large trees from municipalities or three services that would normally be sent off to a landfill.

Oscar 60 Informational

The Oscar 60 mill comes standard with a variable speed dual sided power drive wheel feed system driven with a heavy duty 12 volt motor. This wood can be turned into valuable lumber, table tops and bar tops. The Hud-Son 60” sawmill comes with a 34 HP diesel engine.

Oscar 330 Pro

The Oscar 330-PRO comes standard with: 30″ Capacity (Log Diameter), 2 – 7″ Ground Tracks w/ log dog assembly, 16 HP ELECTRIC START, 1 1/2″ Tubular Steel Framing, Manual Start, Lubrication Tank, Manual Height Adjustment in 1/16″ increments and more!

Oscar 428

The Hud-Son Osar-428 is the same tried and true mill that the Oscar-328 was but packs a bigger punch with more horsepower, electric start and a longer engine warranty.

Oscar 52

52″ Diameter Log Capacity cuts 45.5″ between Hud-Son Guides, 23 HP V-Twin Engine, Electric Start, Steel Lubrication Tank, Dual measuring system, 4, 5, 6, & 8 quarter scales and standard 1″ system with 1/16″ accuracy.

Oscar 330 Pro

The Oscar 330 Pro is stealing the portable sawmill market with its affordability and efficiency. This model is economically priced for any wood cutter.


Standard features of this mill include a 23 HP Briggs and Stratton Vanguard Motor. Optional Briggs and Stratton Vanguard 35 HP Gas Motor.

Homesteader Line Sawmill Videos

HFE-36 Sawmill

With the 36” diameter log capacity and 16hp engine the HFE-36 gets the job done.

HFE-21 Homesteader Sawmill

Maximize resources from your own woodlot. Produce your own lumber for any number of construction or hobbyist projects.

Firewood Processor Videos

Badger Firewood Machine Processor

The Badger firewood processor from Hud-Son skids, saws and splits all in one machine. Will cut 1 plus full cord of wood per hour – up to 18 inch diameter wood with a common 3/8 saw chain.

Wolverine A Firewood Machine Processor

The Wolverine A has all the features of the Wolverine M, plus it has a built in chainsaw, a more powerful motor and larger pump. You can easily set this machine up in minutes so moving to another location can be achieved quickly and easily. The amazingly affordable Wolverine A will get your wood done in a hurry without the back wrenching work.

Brute Firewood Machine Processor

The fully hydraulic Little Brute processor is anything but little, handling up to 18″ diameter logs. If you are looking for an affordable Firewood Processor that keeps up with the larger higher priced processors, the Little Brute is the processor you have been looking for.

Wolverine M Firewood Processor

Two Wolverine M Firewood Processors to choose from. Both are built tough to take on the job.

Badger Firewood Processor

The Hud-Son Badger Firewood Processor will skid, cut and split your firewood all with one machine. A Conveyor option is available.

Brute Firewood Processor

The Hud-Son Brute Firewood Processors use separate hydraulic pumps to power hydraulic saw, hydraulic feed, splitter and loader.

Hud-Son Brute Circle Firewood Processor

The Hud-Son Forest Circle Brute is the newest edition to our firewood processor family. It’s big, it’s bad, it’s productivity at its finest. Call us today to learn more about our Circle Brute Firewood Processor!

Skidding Winch Videos

Uniforest Forestry Skidding Winches

We have winches available for all tractors from 16hp and up. The winches attach to your standard 3-point hitch and are powered by the PTO. These winches carry 230 foot or more of cable.

Kubota Tractor with Uniforest Grab and Skidding Winch

Relocate logs using the Uniforest Grab and/or the Skidding Winch. Remote control is also available.

Grapples & Log Handling Videos

Uniforest Winches

Turn your tractor into a skidder using a Uniforest Skidding Winch. Pulling power of up to 18,700 lbs.  The more affordable manual control (M) and efficient wireless control models (H) available.

Hud-Son Lift Arm

The Hud-Son Lift Arm, is perfect for those heavy lifting jobs under 1200 lbs. The Hud-Son Lift Arm comes with a lift hook, and a hydraulic 1200 lb jack.

Uniforest Log & Tree Winches

Watch the Uniforest Winches in action!

Uniforest Scorpion Grab and Skidding

The Scorpion is complete with boom, rotator, and grapple.  Uniforest Scorpion has been universally designed to work with both 3pt hitch set ups or universal quick connects.

Uniforest Grapple Bobcat Attachment

Uniforest grapples and rotators are heavily built and can be used for a variety of applications.They can be used as replacement grapples to worn out grapples off log loaders, used on the end of excavator booms, backhoes and more.

Specialty Tool Videos

Chainsaw Debarker Attachment

Turn your chain saw into a debarker, notcher or planer! Easily mounts on any saw bar. Uses .325 or 3/8″ pitch chain to drive the drum that has two 3 1/4″ planer blades. Use to debark and notch logs.

Firewood Bundler

The original Hud-Son Firewood Bundler, comes standard with wheels to make it easier for moving around the worksite and for storage. It bundles firewood from lengths of 14″ to 24″ up to 12″x 12″ square.

Bundle and Firewood Wrapper

The original Hud-son Firewood Bundler, comes standard with wheels to make it easier for moving around the worksite and for storage.It bundles firewood from lengths of 14″ to 24″ up to 12″x 12″ square.

Topsoil Screener

The Hud-son 8M dirt screener was built with the landscaper and contractor in mind. It works equally well with a skid steer or front end loader.  The upper separator will remove any oversized material and debris making the next stage faster and easier.

HDH Splitters

Hud-Son HDH Series of commercial grade heavy duty HUD-SON log splitters are available to you at a reasonable price. These wood splitters are built so tough that they comes standard with a 4-way wedge.

Hud-Son Air Stake Cutter

This wedge style stake pointer is fast and efficient. Turn a profit one stake at a time with the Hud-Son air powered stake pointer.

8M Screener

The Hud-Son 8M dirt screener was built with the landscaper and contractor in mind. It works equally well with a skid steer or front end loader. The upper separator will remove any oversized material and debris making the next stage faster and easier.

Wood Splitter Series

Commercial Grade Heavy Duty HUD-SON Log Splitters. Built so tough that it comes standard with a 4-way wedge.

Air Powered Stake Pointer

The Air powered stake pointer should be operated with guards on at all times. The machine requires a minimum of 90 psi and 5.2 cfm. The operator controls operate off standard electric.

Lube Tank

Tips on what lubrication to use depending on the time of year.