HDH5 Wood Splitter

HDH5 Wood Splitter


HDH5 Wood Splitter

14hp 2 and 4-way adjustable Wedge  w/ Log Loader

  • 14hp Electric Start
  • 2 and 4-way Adjustable Wedges
  • Optional 6 Way Wedge
  • Hydraulic Log Loader


Specifications: HDH5 Wood Splitter

“V” trough style splitter centers blocks of wood in front of the ram for safe, fast, and easy production. The powerful HDH-5 features an adjustable wedges to help make precise firewood as many customers prefer. The 2 and 4 way wedge comes standard and for the smaller blocked firewood a 6 way wedge is available. The HDH-5 comes standard with a log tray. You can inspect the wood before it exits or transitions to a complementing conveyor. Check out the HDH5 and the rest of the HDH line of splitters.

• 22 GPM pump
• 8 second cycle time
• RPM meter hour meter
• Tank size: 15 gallon
• 4-way adjustable wedge
• 2” hitch
• 24″ x 4″ x 2 cylinder
• “V” trough splitter wood tray
• Accepts optional 6-way wedge


HDH5 Wood Splitter


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6 Way Wedge


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