HDH5 Wood Splitter

HDH5 Wood Splitter


HDH5 Wood Splitter

14hp 2 and 4-way adjustable Wedge  w/ Log Loader

  • 14hp Electric Start
  • 2 and 4-way Adjustable Wedges
  • Optional 6 Way Wedge
  • Hydraulic Log Loader


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Specifications: HDH5 Wood Splitter

“V” trough style splitter centers blocks of wood in front of the ram for safe, fast, and easy production. The powerful HDH-5 features an adjustable wedges to help make precise firewood as many customers prefer. The 2 and 4 way wedge comes standard and for the smaller blocked firewood a 6 way wedge is available. The HDH-5 comes standard with a log tray. You can inspect the wood before it exits or transitions to a complementing conveyor. Check out the HDH5 and the rest of the HDH line of splitters.

• 22 GPM pump
• 8 second cycle time
• RPM meter hour meter
• Tank size: 15 gallon
• 4-way adjustable wedge
• 2” hitch
• 24″ x 4″ x 2 cylinder
• “V” trough splitter wood tray
• Accepts optional 6-way wedge


HDH5 Wood Splitter


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6 Way Wedge


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1 review for HDH5 Wood Splitter

  1. Dave Umer

    I bought from Wes Stauffer Equipment an HDH5 Splitter. I could not be more pleased with its performance. It has been used more than 10 hours after which the engine oil has been replaced in keeping with Wes Stauffer’s direction. It will be getting a good work out between now and
    Sept 1st. Thirteen trees, all oak with a range of diameter from 18 inches to 32 inches. The trees are close to 120 ft in height. I will forward some pics for your review. I am learning to fell a tree very quickly and am having fun doing it. The first tree created some nervous moments. After that I got more brave, nevertheless….very cautious.
    Next comes the rewards of having a hydraulic lift to split rounds as opposed to using a vertical/horizontal splitter to get the round down to manageable size for physical lifting. I have on order with Wes a 6 way wedge to further make splitting more productive. My interest in a conveyor has increased to further make splitting and loading more efficient. I gave some comment regarding my specific need/request in relation to your 6 ft fixed conveyor in my request for your catalogue specifically looking for conveyor details.
    Back to the splitter HDH5. I feel there should be added protection engineered so that if a lifted round happens to slide off the hydraulic lift and toward the engine, fuel tank, air filter housing…that the round is blocked and remains on the lift arm. I suggest that affixing a tubular fence arrangement on the lift arm would eliminate and avoid a round from sliding off the lift. I am not questioning whether only one round be on the lift arm or two rounds or even three rounds. One round can easily slide off if the speed of lift is “jerky” and not smooth. Believe me, I learned a thing or two because this accident happened to me only 5 hours into use. A small round slid off no more than 8 inches in diameter, hit the dome of the air filter and cracked a chunk out of the top of the dome. Of course it was not covered by warranty because it was not the result of a manufactured failure. Wes ordered me another air filter dome. All this does not diminish my satisfaction with the splitter. It is one powerful piece of equipment for my semi-commercial endeavors. All I need now is a conveyor.
    Thank you for the opportunity to convey my remarks. I wave the Hudson Banner high.

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