Since 1946, with commitment to our customers and passion for excellence in sawmills and
wood processors, we have become a leading USA forestry equipment manufacturer.

why own a sawmill

Top reasons for owning a portable sawmill that you should consider the benefits of. Whether its a hobby or business taking the time to evaluate the savings and benefits can reap great rewards.

NEW Edger HD
choosing the right sawmill is crucial to your success

How to choose the the right portable sawmill is crucial to your success. Deciding on your use, log Size, budget, portability and more

What Sawmill is right for you?

Hud-Son American Freedom line of portable sawmills are our most affordable do it yourself sawmills.


Save money and put these bandsaw mills together yourself, or for a little extra you can have them pre-assembled. Built in the USA, great for the do-it-yourself handyman or woodland homesteading. Sawyer is red, white and blue. And Hunter is custom-painted Camo, no two are alike.

Hud-Son Homesteader sawmills for the Homesteader, Farm, or Hobbyist.


Produce your own lumber for any number of construction or hobbyist projects, or maximize the resources from your own woodland. Features the curved 2 post and vertical lift tube design. These lightweight bandsaw mills are portable, economical and can be easily stored, requiring no more than a 3’ x 7’ for storage.

Oscar electric start “pro-style” and Commercial use sawmills are Hud-Son’s original tried and true sawmills.


Built for average and advanced sawyers to make quick work of log-to-lumber and slabbing needs. True 4 post frames for strength, accuracy and durability. All Oscar mills feature options and larger electric start motor to get you the power and performance you need. Supply customers, reclaim a storm fallen tree or complete a personal project. This type of wood can be turned into a live-edge bar or table tops.

Which Wood Processor, Splitter, Conveyor or Winch will increase your production?

Firewood processors and splitters by Hud-son forest equipment

Firewood Processors

Hud-Son’s Winch Style wood processors self load without other support equipment making them extremely portable. Our Deck style wood processors have the highest production rates.

Wood splitters by Hud-son Forest Equipment

Wood Splitters

Hud-Son wood splitters are towable and built tough. From the user friendly vertical horizontal 2 way splitter to Hud-Son’s Big & Bad Extra Heavy Duty Splitter with open design for large blocks and multi wedge.

Wood Conveyors

Save your back and increase your production with Chain Style wood conveyors, ideal for most hand loading or right off the end of the splitter. Hud-Son’s Belt Style wood conveyors have 18” wide belts and work well with firewood processors and high production wood splitters.

Winches & Grapples

Uniforest M series winches from Hud-Son use a mechanical cable to control the winch and the H series winches come with a wireless remote control allowing the operator freedom to move around and get the most out of the winch. Great for the professional

sawmill news and information

Hud-son is always excited to see how our customers create with there sawmills. Explore some experiences or share with us yours here.

“I purchased an Oscar 30…took about an hour to set up and we were off and sawing. What a fantastic little machine! Want to let you know you have a great product. Thanks A Million!”

Ryan R. Delaney

Waupaca, WI

We work hard to build quality forest equipment. Decades of experience and customer feedback have gone into refining the engineering & design of our sawmills. Our process and team of craftsmen manufacture right here in USA to bring you the best.

The NEW Slabber Sawmill

The sawmill made for cutting large slabs of wood

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Each sawmill has superior design.  Unique match and balancing with bandwheel belts and shafts, remove vibrations and improve cuts. Tested for performance. Powder coated with a unique and superior process to protect for years.