What is under the tarp? YouTubers Two Brothers Outdoors

What is under the tarp? YouTubers Two Brothers Outdoors

YouTubers Two Brothers Outdoors, What’s under the tarp?

What do you got here?  Let me look! No, no, no! Pick up the tarp, I want to see! Pick up the tarp! I want to see what you got. All right, no.  Any of you guys are interested in this Patriot with all the modifications on it? This sawmill is for sale contact us at twobrothersoutdoors@yahoo.com and we will talk to you about purchasing this mill.

Hello everybody and welcome back to our Channel Two Brothers Outdoors! You watch the road we are on the way to pick up something from one of our favorite places to visit so make sure you stick with us and find out what it is.  Just got done text messaging, “The Kilted Sawyer”, he’s up off early this morning. He’s on the west coast and he must be open for breakfast.

All right guys stick with us. It’ll be a fun day! Oh yeah, where we at now we got to make a right at this light 28 North.  Are we going to Boonville? Nope we’re not going to Boonville! Oh oh look at that we going to get our propane filled at that building right there we’re going to kooks like Hud-Son Forest Equipment!!!

Hey Rick there’s a Jeep for sale.  Yeah see, I couldn’t afford that let’s pull over here yep.  Let’s pull over there . We have arrived at our destination! Why in the world do you got such a long trailer behind your truck?

I got to go pick up my peavy! LOL! I mean my cant hook! LOL

Well 8:01 doors are open morning. How you doing, John? Hope you don’t mind we’re videoing.  Good morning, today’s the day.  Yes it is here right on time.

Excited for the mill! He didn’t sleep last night. Tim is over there conversing with the locals. Let’s see if we can find something with his name on it. Here that looks like a Two Brothers Outdoors sawmill!

Look at all these antique chainsaws. Every one of them up on the top shelf hanging on the ceiling.  There’s all kinds of saws.

Chain Saw Museum

I think I’m like standing in the middle of a candy store.  I don’t know if you guys realized too obviously are the same setup but on the Oscar 336 log dogs

we utilize this tab here.  To pull this dog out of the out of the wood. Rick’s got it.

Busy place on a Saturday morning.  What do you think he’s in la la land.  He’s not thinking today at all.  Nothin.  He’s like a kid in a candy store and Christmas wish list. Let’s see here. These might work.  Nice on the log arches.

All right guys, we are leaving the candy store and heading home to assemble this thing.  He wants to run it today. Bye to you Two Brothers Outdoors, bye bye guys.

Nichole, have a good drive home, we appreciate you! Thank you, we appreciate it. Alright, bye!!

Guys we are heading home to set up the new sawmill that Tim just bought.  Unfortunately, Tim’s new purchase means that I’m going to be working my butt off today. Hey, I appreciate it!

Well guys this has kind of been a cluster.  We have a neighbor that has a tractor with forks and a bucket but he had shoulder surgery Wednesday. He’s out of it but the old 8N Hydraulics was able to pick it up.  Got it off the trailer and all we’re going to try to do now is snake it around here and put it on the track. All right guys, we got the mill on the track, putting the track together, and it appears that the ground goes a little bit steeper than he thought.

So we talked to a guy today about bringing some fill down and I think we’re going to leave the blocks just like that filling around them.  That’ll give him like a frost line. Boy, ground does not look that  level, does it? I have to get a gangplank to follow the mill down of course. The black flies are out. A little warmer today than it has been. They are not bad yet but they’re out.

That would be the stops to keep the mill from going off the end of the track. That’s always a good thing. Okay, looking good.

All right, so that’s got to go. I put this on there. Oh you already got it mounted on there already. Yep now I’ll mount the box and we still got to string the cable. Might as we get all the mods done before we put it into service.

Absolutely all right.  First mod is an electric winch.  See what we got. Oh yeah you did great on this one!

All right don’t go too far down. Let it hang a little bit okay. That one works. Make sure to put some thick powder coat on guys.

We are making final adjustments on this and then we going to put this notty log on here cuz he is determined to use the mill today.

But once we got it level which is 9 feet in the air down we modify the dogs.  He’ll paint those tomorrow and he put the electric winch on it.

That came out pretty nice that hand winch setup was made it real nice for the electric winch. It comes over the top of this  pulley right there which is the same thing is a wheel believe so we’re about ready to go here

I ain’t going to be able to do that.  You go saw with it for his first time. He will we will get to this dog later date.  Probably next Monday we’re going to drill these

corners and these junctions right here.  Put in some adjustable fine adjustment pads and then I’ll you got to do is fill in around the mill only 4 tons of dirt won’t

be bad. Till’s upset cuz she can’t come down here the electric fence won’t let her okay.  We moved that dog and log stop from that point to this point that puts

them a little closer together but that’s the way I have mine set up.  Makes it a little easier the log’s going to sit on that bunk and then hang over that bunk right


All right we’re going to get the log on there. He’s going to go get some coolant for the mill and we’re going to fire this thing up. All right it’s got to be very careful setting this down because the track is not tied down. But we got the log on it move the tractor out of the way.  Looks like we might need to tow that board up.  Tow that log up a little bit he’s going to start is quite upset because she can’t get down.

Here that is her boundary right there and she knows it that collar around her neck will beep.  All right we going to fire it up for the first time got gas turned on.

Yeah probably not all these new fangled things he’s not used to this. Did you check the oil in it? Right I checked oil yeah. Oh look at that put gas to it it. Fires right

up now.  You got to dog it down.  Got to dog the log down.  Dog this end cuz we’re going to tow board the other end.  No, we not pick up H there you go. I’ll push it

down.  You’ll get used to it all right.  Hold on just a minute.  Going to toe board it up.  Get a board okay.  So this is one of those self-warming engines once it warms

up it shuts off.  You have to go under the second bunk I think toeboard it up but now he’s got to move the log that way to put the dog down or the log stop down there. You got to lock this like this every time pull back pull it down pull it down before you go in with it pull the handle down to make sure it’s right. Now pick the handle up and push it down okay.  It works pretty easy once you get used to it so anyway.  He thought he had gas in it because the bottom of the tank was wet but this one takes a little more gas. Careful you don’t trip over that board.

Now just to point this out you might think we’re just saw this log just for the fun of it.  He’s got to have a  bunch of boards to put a new building over this mill so that log is going to be cut into boards for the building for this mill. Alright guys now we walked into Hud-Son Forest Equipment at 1 minute after 8 this morning. Hud-Son  is about 50 minutes from here.  Picked the mill up, brought it home, it is now 4:20 and we are going to make our first cut on this mill .
What we doing 2x4s 2x4s  first right. All right got to make a little adjustment on his guide. Right his offside guide was out too far this way.
We moved it in hopefully it’s an awful notty log. Hopefully he can clear the knots if not we’ll grab a chainsaw out of the back of his four-wheeler here and knock some of these knots off.