The Perfect Log? Brought to you by YouTube channel Two Brothers Outdoors

The Perfect Log? Brought to you by YouTube channel Two Brothers Outdoors

Well hello folks welcome back to our Channel Two Brothers Outdoors!

Have you ever wondered what the perfect log looks like or if there is such a thing as a

perfect log?

Well today we’re going to show you exactly what a perfect log looks like.

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Okay guys let’s get sawing this log.

I’ll show you the great aspects of this perfect log.

You’ve maybe have noticed that Tim and I both are wearing aprons.

Well, when you see us wearing aprons you know we’re sawing white pine.

White pine is so pitchy especially this time of the year.

When you cut the tree down the ends just bleed pitch and it gets all over everything.

So, we wear the aprons to keep the pitch off our pants and our shirts.

So, once we got the log sitting on the mill the way it wanted to lay, we measured.

We took a tape measure, and we went from the center of the log straight up six to eight inches and then.

we took the day measure from that same point and went straight down six and

eight inches.

Also, what we’re doing is we’re sawing the log six quarters at a time until we get

close to that mark that we made.

That is six and eight inches out from the center of the log, and I’ll explain to you why in just a minute.

Ultimately what we want to end up with is a 12 and a quarter inch thick cant

laying on the mill.

The purpose of the marks is a reference point, so you don’t go too deep to screw up.

You can now see the purpose of the sixth quarter is.

Each piece of wood that comes off this log while we’re bringing it down to

12 and a quarter inch.

Each one of those pieces of wood will either be made into a two by four or a

two by six depending on how wide it is.

The reason we went six quarter is a lot of customers will order two by sixes or two by fours or two by eights.

You must remind them that it’s not like store-bought wood which is an inch and a half thick or six quarter thick.

It’s going to be difficult to nail it because you don’t have as much nail or as much screw

coming through the wood as you would if you’re using dimensional lumber or what you would buy from Home Depot.

So, a lot of times the customer will choose to go six quarters thick that way you won’t

have a problem screwing it or nailing it to another piece of wood.

It makes it a little easier for you because you can get more product at six quarter instead of two inches.

Just in case you were wondering yes we charge the same for six quarter as we

do for eight quarter no difference in the price.

All right we’ll have this can down to 12 and a quarter inch thick in just a minute.

Once we get it down to 12 and a quarter inch thick we’re going to

stand it up, dog it down and get the bark off that side.

Get it flat and then we’ll roll it over and start cutting our boards.

Okay so at this point we’re going to take the bark off this one edge and get it flat.

Then we’ll roll it over, lock it down and start ripping off boards.

Before every cut we will make on this can will be at six quarters

because everything that we comes off of this can be utilized into either a 2×4 or

another two by six.

If it’s wide enough a two by six and a two by four.

Okay so every cut from here on out will be a sixth quarter.

Just a couple of cuts and we’ll be pulling 12 and a half inch wide by six quarter inch thick

boards off this log.

We are going to get some Beautiful boards out of this log!

Like I said this log is perfect.

There isn’t even a single knot in this lock and the log was so straight.

Almost no taper at all so we didn’t have to use the toe board on it as well.

This is a perfect log.

Now if we were sawing by ourselves or if I was selling by myself or Tim was sawing

by his self we would just keep cutting and not take any boards off this can

until you got close to the throat of the saw.

Then of course you’d have to remove one or two boards to keep cutting

but right now I’m going to remove boards as he cuts them so he doesn’t have to

waste time bringing the mill up higher and higher each time he cuts a


He’s only going to have to bring the mill up high enough to clear the last cut.

So, I’m going to be busy taking boards off while he is sawing.

These boards that I’m taking off are absolutely gorgeous!!

There’s not a single knot in any of these boards.

This could have been clear one by pine which brings pretty good money at Home Depot

but with no knots in these two by sixes this customer is going to get very

strong dimensional lumber.

12 and a half inch boards.

We stood them up and locked them down standing up.

This one cut right here is to produce a bunch of two by sixes.

Now we’re taking the flitches or the pieces that we cut off would bark on them.

Now we’re cutting them in two by sixes or two by fours.

Whichever we can get out of it.

We do have another order for two by fours, so we’re always planning.

That’s how you get the most out of a log is as you’re cutting plan for

not only the order you’re cutting but anything you can get off for a future

order that you may have to fill as well.

Okay, it’s going to sound unbelievable, but we got 20 two by six by eights off

of that log 20.

That is incredible!!!

Oops it looks like the video looped back to the beginning.

Well, it didn’t.

This is the next log that we’re going to cut to finish out the order two by sixes.

That’s going to be on the next video guys.

All right thanks for joining us!!!

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We hoped you were able to get something out of this video.

Until the next one we will catch you


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