Hud-Son Sawmills are the Best on the Market

Hud-Son Sawmills are the Best on the Market


In September 2011 we had the largest fire in Texas in Bastrop County. After running another brand of sawmill to recover the pine wood from the fire. I decided that I wanted to get a sawmill that I could have at the ranch to recover logs. I wanted a simple sawmill that would mill logs without a lot of extras. We did a lot of research trying to find out who had the best sawmill. We came to the conclusion that Hud-Son Forest Equipment had the best sawmill products. All of the other manufacturers did not have a sawmill built with the quality that I was looking for nor did they have a sawmill built that did not required a long lead time. It seemed they wanted my money but could not produce a sawmill for several weeks. The final thing was that they didn’t have a sawmill in my price range. Hud-Son has sales people willing to answer my many questions. They had the sawmill in stock and ready to ship on the next day after payment.

We decided to buy the HFE 36. This saw has done everything we have needed it to do. Pushing the saw head down the track is like pushing a shopping cart in the grocery store. The easy to read ruler system works well with the hand crank sawmill head and it will let me cut logs to within 1/8″. I have only had issues with 2 blade bearings which Hud-Son was quick to support me with new bearings.

For a one man operation, the sawmill does more than what I can keep up with. I cut pine, oak, cedar, and mesquite. After running another brand of sawmill, I would not trade my Hud-Son sawmill for anything.

Thanks Hud-Son Forest Equipment for the great sawmill.

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Best Sawyer South of the Colorado River.
Custom Sawmilling Available – Sawmilling priced by the board foot.

Keith Waters