Mesquite Log Story

Mesquite Log Story

We would be remiss if we did not mention this full circle tear to your eye mesquite log story. This coming from our good friend and customer of Hud-Son sawmills in Cocoa, Florida CW Bailey:

Quote:  “His story was enough to make even a crusty old sawmiller much more than a little misty.”

Hey CW,

My wife and I were in your place last month.  We bought a slab of mesquite so I could make a box.  This is no ordinary box.  You see, my father was a fighter pilot during the Vietnam war.  In 1967 he was shot down and was listed as MIA.  Well, earlier this year some very dedicated people were excavating the crash site and his remains were finally recovered and identified. The box I made from your wood will hold MIA bracelets with his name on them and other things people want to include.

Another great part of this story is that I flew in the Air Force too and ended up in the airlines. I will be flying my father home from Oakland CA to Dallas Love Field where I last saw him at age 5.

Great closing of the loop.

Just thought that you would find it interesting what happened to a piece of your wood…


Bryan Knight


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