Brute - 35hp Firewood Processor 14' 3 Strand Deck

Brute – 35hp Firewood Processor 14′ 3 Strand Deck

Accepts 20 foot log lengths
• Customers expressed the need for a processor that can handle longer logs
• Live deck can accept 20 foot long lengths
• We’ve added 4 extra feet & flattened the angle so more surface area on the log can contact the feed chain
• Three-strand on the live deck

Specifications: Brute – 35hp Firewood Processor 14′ 3 Strand Deck

The Hud-Son Brute Firewood processor uses dedicated pumps for all functions. The 22 gal/min pump runs the splitting cylinder and chainsaw motor, the 4 gal/min pump runs the feed decks. this allows you to feed the next cut in while the splitter is in the return mode which speed up the process greatly. The oil tank is powered to the bar by DC pump. Freight FOB Barneveld, NY 13304. Features include 23 HP Engine w/electric start, hydraulic log loader, hydraulic log feed, hydraulic log clamp, hydraulic saw, 20 inch diameter log capacity, 24 inch splitter w/auto cycle, 19 ton splitting force, 7 second cycle time, adjustable 4-way wedge (manual), dual hydraulic pumps, 10 gallon reservoir tank, 2 inch trailer hitch, torsion axle, highway towable up to 45 MPH, built in hydraulic pressure gauge & hour meter, and an automatic oiler.


Brute – 35hp Firewood Processor 14′ 3 Strand Deck


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