Log Debarker

Log Debarker



• Turn your chainsaw into a debarker, notcher or planer
• Easily mounts on any saw bar
• Uses .325 or 3/8” pitch chain to drive the drum that has two 3 ¼” planer blades
• Use to debark and notch logs
• Make notches or debark poles for barns, fences, bridges, landscaping, log home construction and more!
• Features ball-bearing construction for long life and durability
• Comes with universal spline/sprocket system, accommodates all pitches of saw chain and two blades
Save time and money — the uses are endless!

(4 customer reviews)

4 reviews for Log Debarker

  1. Doug Mannan

    Mounted this debarker on my old Stihl 028AV with an 18in bar. Fits great and i used it a little today on a downed limb to try it out. I must say it stripped off the bark down to the bare wood and it was nice and smooth. I was surprised on how there was little to no vibration except for the saw itself. I cot down some trees today and drug them up to let them dry a little but I am ready to get out there and peel some bark.

    Image #1 from Doug Mannan
  2. David Rainey (verified owner)

    Purchased the chain-saw debarker. Absolutely love it. A very useful tool, and even fun to use. Hudson’s price on the debarker was the best around. Shipping was fast. Will definately recommend to friends. Now I just wish I could afford that sawmill!

  3. TIM DICKERSON (verified owner)

    Hudson Debarker worked very well, but seemed to cause the chainsaw bar, chain and clutch system to overheat significantly. Have not found a solution yet. Trying thicker bar lube oil, but would appreciate any other suggestions.

  4. Hud-Son (store manager)

    Thank you! Check the chain is not set too tight and make sure your oiler is not plugged. When running the saw a light oil should throw from the chain.

  5. philip mee (verified owner)

    debarker is something i wish i’d purchased years ago. I’m getting great bandsaw footage from blades now thanks to the debarker… i totally give it on a scale of 1 to 10 —- a great big-o —- 10 for sure..

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