Timber Harvester Volume 4

Timber Harvester Volume 4

Specifications: Timber Harvester Volume 4

Timber Harvester Educational Video

“Demonstrating Hardwood Grade Sawing”


In this video, a NYS Senior Forester visually inspects and scales a log. He explains: how
the defects will effect the lumber being produced, how to determine the opening face,
how that decision effects the other three faces, and how to position the log to best
minimize the defects in the lumber. The instructor stops between cuts to examine the
defects in the cant as they appear and explains when and why it is time to turn the log.
In closing he grades each board, showing how to improve the grade by edging and end
trimming, and then compares the net lumber footage with the beginning log scale
footage. Volume 4 Run time: 68 minutes



Timber Harvester Volume 4


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