Timber Harvester Volume 5

Timber Harvester Volume 5

Specifications: Timber Harvester Volume 5

Timber Harvester Educational Video

“Quarter Sawing, Live & Inside-out Sawing”


In this video, a New York State Senior Forester demonstrates these three sawing
methods and explains the reason for using each one. Selecting the method to use for
each log is determined by the species and grade of the log and the use that your
customers have for the lumber. Quarter sawing is demonstrated on a red oak log first.
The importance of maintaining a consistent grain pattern is stressed. Next, the live
sawing method is demonstrated on a beech log, describing its advantages and
shortcomings. The third log is sawn by the “sawing from the inside-out method.” The
last two methods are used in low grade logs to create construction and pallet grade
lumber as quickly as possible. Volume 5 Run time: 59 minutes



Timber Harvester Volume 5


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