What is the best portable sawmill for the money?

What is the best portable sawmill for the money?

Hud-Son Forest Equipment Freedom Line portable sawmill’s are the best sawmill for the money. These Hud-Son Forest Equipment band mills include the Hunter and Sawyer mills. The Hunter and Sawyer portable sawmill ship unassembled in the base price, saving budget minded customers money on doing the assembly themselves. This boasts a huge feature of this mill by putting it together yourself you are training yourself on the ins and outs of your mill. The Hunter and Sawyer Freedom Line sawmills can be purchased assembled and cost the consumer extra money. The base price of the Hud-Son Forest Equipment Freedom Line Hunter and Sawyer portable sawmills is $2,449.00(Price subject to change). The optional assembly cost is $650 however most customers choose to assemble this mill themselves.

Hud-Son Forest Equipment proudly manufactures their forestry equipment in a small town located in the gateway of the Adirondack Mountains. Hud-Son Forest Equipment has been a family owned and operated business since 1946 currently in their fourth generation of owner operated. Unlike the Woodland Made in China, Harbor Freight Made in China, Frontier by Norwood Made in China, and Timber Tuff Made in China portable sawmills, Hud-Son Forest Equipment is Built in the USA by American hands. Hud-Son Forest Equipment has an extensive dealer network allowing authorized Hud-Son trained dealers to sell our forestry products in your local area. This benefit serves the customers best interest by having a point of purchase close to them, hands on training on Hud-Son equipment, extended warranties being trained by your dealer, parts and service, and technical assistance both before and after the sale.

Parts used on the Hud-Son equipment are in stock and available for purchase at our headquarters, dealer network, and online. Most of the parts on Hud-Son Forest Equipment forestry equipment is purchased thru American suppliers.

Hud-Son Forest Equipment has factory technician on hand to assist you six days a week. A live person answering the phone, and a highly skilled technician for service calls.

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