Are you building your dreams like Doug and Stacy?

“I wanted to recreate our log cabin… Its has been a thought and a dream of mine” -Doug

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So how do you build a lifestyle of self-sufficiency?

“One way could be… Building, Saving, and Making Money on the Homestead with the Hud-Son Sawmill “

How we got started with our Hud-son Warrior Sawmill

Unboxing and setting up our Hud-son Warrior sawmill and why we choose a Hud-son

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Watch the Journey of Doug and Stacy with Hud-son Sawmill

Each story explaining some of Doug’s experiences, techniques, and what he learns as his dream becomes a reality.

Okay that was a second log on Mill and now off the mill. I ran out of daylight though so I had to kinda patch this one together for you guys. It’s the next morning, I woke up early this morning and I started getting......

   And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for man glitter hahaha I’m just as excited as everybody else Long Time coming waiting on the weather but honestly waiting on my nerve I’m actually a little bit nervous about firing u...

A few quick details about the Hud-Son Warrior portable sawmill

More Info Hud-Son Warrior Sawmill

• 36″ diameter log capacity

• 24HP Gas Motor

• Order assembled or unassembled to help meet your needs and budget
• No welding and only a handful of tools required
• Built here in the USA at our home town factory in Barneveld, NY

• Comes with a Three Year Warranty
• Perfect for the Do-It-Yourselfer, Homesteads, Small woodshops & hunting camps


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why own a sawmill

Doug and Stacy are using a Warrior Sawmill, but that might not be the right one for you. Check out some info here or contact us with any questions

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