Thank you, James Matthius, for sharing your excitement about receiving your Hud-Son Forest Equipment Patriot portable sawmill. Can’t wait to see pictures of you milling!

Chainsaw log debarker from Hud-Son Forest Equipment, mechanical log peeling
By: Brandon Storer
A quick review and how to on the Hud-Son Forest Equipment chainsaw log debarker.

Good morning, everyone! I’m going to do a quick review on a chainsaw log debarker. I got it from Hud-Son Forest Equipment. Ordered it on the internet. Showed up at my house halfway around the country in like four days. So fast shipping. It was $149 bucks and free shipping.

So I was tired of cutting all the knots off the logs with my chainsaw so I figured I would give this debarker a try.

Pretty simple to attach this debarker to the chainsaw. So you have to have a chain that is two inches longer than your actual bar length. I had this old Ryobi 16 inch laying around so I decided to throw it on it. Grabbed one of my old 18 inch chains put it right on. Pretty simple to attach once you get the holes drilled in the bar. I for some reason don’t have a drill press so I did it with a hand drill. Just took a metal punch and I had to step up the bits but man it took a while. Got it on and low n behold it was definately worth my money. I’m not using it to debark the logs per say. I’m using it to take down the knots so I don’t have to git them with my chainsaw and plus it makes it a lot easier when I’m hitting it with the draw knife/come to a dead stop.

Anyways chainsaw log debarker from Hud-Son Forest Equipment. Let me get this saw running real fast and I’ll show you how it works. Again it didn’t take me long to realize that it was worth my money. So let me see if I can get a good angle on this log.

Nick Klaich-Reno Woodworks-Urban Logging
Milling a 4500 pound 11 foot Sequoia Tree

This tree was removed because it was damaging a foundation of a house. I am using a Hud-Son Forest Equipment Warrior portable sawmill/bandmill. Stihl MS 362 and Stihl MS 661.

Dragged off with a chain
Log is pushed back with my trailer
(Trimming the tree, getting ready to mill)

Hud-Son Forest Equipment Warrior portable sawmill

Alright, I was so excited to get this tree cut that I forgot to cut the end of that log off. So on the mill they have a little spray painted dot which is as far as the blade travels. Normally if I’m paying attention I’ll cut the end off before I get going but luckily this end tapered down so now I see where my mark is right there. Let’s get this thing going!!

Stihl MS 661-love this saw!

Slabs are cut to 3 inches thick
(uses broom to dust off the slab with a broom)

30 inch wide slabs

At this point of the video you can see the most challenging part of this process is flipping the slabs over. They have to be stacked that way in sequential order for the drying process. Flipping the slabs is definitely hard. I think the slabs probably weigh about 200 pounds each. The tree was cut green because it was destroying the home owners foundation. Although it was challenging being out here in the fall and milling these tree’s it’s an absolute blast. I really love it! It’s defiantly fun to do in the cooler weather. I love acquiring the trees, bringing them back on the trailer and than cutting them open to see what’s inside. So although it is really labor intensive as this video shows it’s really enjoyable and it’s great therapy to be running the sawmill and smelling the fresh cut trees.

The slabs have to be stacked in sequential order to help dry flat.

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Since 1946 Hud-Son has been dedicated to superior service, design, and quality products

The Hud-Son Oscar-60 sawmill can turn large logs into masterpieces like wide slabs for table tops, bars, mantles, counter tops and more. With the wide capacity of the mill amazing cut outs from tree burls, stumps, odd shaped logs and more is all possible. The Oscar 60 mill comes standard with a variable speed feed driven on the heavy duty track system. This big mill comes with big power with a 34 HP diesel engine cradled on the gusset plated 4 post frame. Open your opportunities up with many custom projects such as conference tables for large corporations and tables and bar tops for theme based bars and restaurants. Custom work is where the profits are, allowing you to cut the product that 95% of all the sawmills out there cannot handle!

• Harvest wood that is usually too large to handle and make table or bar tops.
• Massive 60” x 54” mill opening
• 34HP Diesel Engine
• Variable Track Wheel Feed on a 20′ long 3×6″ Box Steel Track System

Distance Between Guide56″
Max Thickness of Cut27″
Standard Track Length3 x 6 Box Beam
Log Dogs3 Cam Style Dogs & Square Posts
Max Log Length (with standard track)14′
Blade267 X 1.5 X .042″ or 2″
Blade Lubrication5 Gallon
Track Sweeps Yes

Engine / Motor34hp Diesel
Clutch Engagement Electric

Engine / Motor34hp Diesel
Clutch Engagement Electric

1-Year Limited Warranty Commercial Use
2-Year Warranty Main Shafts and Bearings

A big thanks to EVERYONE who entered our what did you build with your Hud-Son Forest Equipment sawmill contest! We were floored by the amazing entries and truly had a very hard time choosing a winner. We are very excited to announce our three winners of our contest!
1. Logan Rednour-Beautiful bench

2. Jon Rumsey-Horse barn

3. Jason Morehouse-Cozy cabin

It is truly amazing the endless possibilities of what you can build/create with your very own Hud-Son Forest Equipment sawmill.
Did not have a chance to enter our contest? We would still love to see what you are doing with your sawmill. Please post it on our Facebook page or send us an email at