Increasingly popular due to the needs for low impact logging
and effective forest management
• Common uses for winches include vehicle recovery, steel scrapping, emergency winching & tree felling

New Standard for quality and innovation
• With 20 years in the field, these winches are tried and true

• Well thought-out machines, built with the operator in mind

• Economical Manual Control (M)

• Efficient Wireless Control (H)

• Extra Length Cable

• Lower Snatch Blocks

• Removable Trailer Hitch

• Full Fold Down Protective Screen

• Scabbard to hold your chainsaw

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Urban logging: Tips and tricks for loading logs onto your sawmill with a log arch trailer.

Hud-Son Warrior Portable Sawmill

The new heavy-duty Hud-Son Warrior sawmill has raised the bar for capacity and horsepower in a portable sawmill. This sawmill can out-perform the competition in its price and class. Designed to keep you ahead of wood milling challenges no matter the project.

Selling thousands of Hunter / Sawyer mills our customers wanted a sawmill that could cut larger logs. We took on the challenge to create the new Hud-Son Warrior sawmill.

We built it tough! 4 Post with Lift Tubes for strength and accuracy when cutting 36” diameter logs.

We know you are a true craftsman and assembling this masterpiece is just the challenge you don’t shy away from.

• Order assembled or unassembled to help meet your needs and budget
• No welding and only a handful of tools required
• Built here in the USA at our home town factory in Barneveld, NY by hometown workers from right here in the heart of Central NY
• Comes with a Three Year Warranty
• Perfect for the Do-It-Yourselfer, Small woodshops & hunting camps
• Made in USA 23HP Vanguard Motor

This educational video series will provide valuable information for new personnel as well as seasoned employees, helping to increase their knowledge of grading and sawing hardwood lumber and your sawmill’s profitability!

The videos were originally produced with Timber Harvester, by Duprey Video Productions in Waterloo New York. Throughout the series they worked with a Senior Forester with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, with a robust background in the hardwood lumber industry. The first three volumes are based on an all day seminar in a classroom setting, that provides a basis of general industry knowledge. This information is built upon, in the remainder of the educational series. Volumes four, five and six include live demonstrations on a portable bandsaw mill, narrated, with mill owners in attendance. Volume seven is back to a classroom setting, with supporting visuals and live video inserted for reinforcement.

The original series was produced from 1997-2003 and remastered to DVD in 2020. All of the valuable educational information, techniques and timbering rules taught then are the same as used today.

Volume 1 “Introduction to Hardwood Lumber Grading”
Volume 2 “Describing Basic Hardwood Lumber Grade Rules”
Volume 3 “Applying Grade Rules to Sawing”
Volume 4 “Demonstrating Hardwood Grade Sawing”
Volume 5: “Quarter Sawing, Live & Inside-out Sawing”
Volume 6: “Hardwood Log Grading & Scaling”
Volume 7: “Understanding How Lumber Dries”

Slabber – Wide Slab Sawmill

Doug and Stacy live on 11 acres in a log cabin. They live the Pioneer life in the 21st century and have a sawmill to make dimensional lumber for their homestead BUT this Red Oak might be TO BIG for the Hud-son Warrior sawmill so we have just the fix!

Hud-Son Forest Equipment is a New York State based company located in the foothills of the Adirondacks. What started out as a Mom and Pop business known as Hudon and Son in 1946, has since taken on the name of Hud-Son. The Hudon family has many members working in various departments among this strong employee group. We’ve always been involved with forestry and forestry equipment with a simple love for the outdoors.

We manufacture and import high quality forestry equipment for folks much like ourselves. We find pride in providing tools to forestland owners, loggers, tree farmers, arborists, among many others. In our main location in Barneveld NY, we employ local guys and gals many who have come to think of this as more than a job. We work together like a family unit.

We love our customers and thank all of the good folks who help to make Hud-Son a success by purchasing our products over the years. We will continue to strive to provide the quality and affordable product you have come to expect from Hud-Son.

We’ll be here for years to come to provide you with service before and after the sale.



Hud-Son Freedom portable sawmills, our most affordable build-it-yourself sawmills.

Save money and assemble the bandsaw yourself, or for a little more you can purchase one pre-assembled. Built in the USA for the handyman, farmer or woodland homesteader. Choose from the red, white and blue Sawyer or camouflage custom painted Hunter. No two are alike.

With the celebration of Making America Great Again and the dream of Americans, Hud-Son Forest Equipment is introducing the all-new Freedom Line with the Sawyer portable sawmill. This sawmill is built here in the USA in our hometown of Barneveld, NY. Some people just cannot reason with the extra expense for the very high priced sawmills on the market. Hud-Son Forest Equipment has come up with a solution to save YOU money. It’s priced out with standard shipping included for the lower 48 states.

With the experience of selling thousands of sawmills across the USA and internationally, we’ve seen what is out there and what customers want.. so we’ve come up with the Sawyer, an All-American Mill that is perfect for the Do-it-yourselfer, Handyman or mechanically skilled person.

Competitively priced, this is our most unique mill yet. It can be ordered assembled or unassembled to help meet your needs and budget. With our how-to instructional DVD, you can easily assemble this mill at home with simple hand tools… no welding necessary! The bolt together frame is developed with extra bracing, making the mill sturdy and durable. We suggest reviewing the instructional video prior to purchasing the Sawyer Sawmill. You could also stop by your local dealership to view them in person. Then you can decide if you want the Unassembled price or the Assembled price.

The Sawyer is designed and manufactured with hardworking Americans in mind. It comes with a three-year warranty and will INCLUDE FREE STANDARD SHIPPING to al local depot in the lower 48 states. Contact your local Hud-son Dealer or buy now below to get your Sawyer Sawmill today.

  • Max Log Capacity
    21″ Diameter
  • Distance Between Guide
  • Max Thickness of Cut
  • Standard Track Length
    12′ Aluminum Lag Down
  • Log Dogs
    2 Cam Style Dogs & Square Posts
  • Max Log Length (with standard track)
  • Blade
    132 X 1.25 X .035″
  • Blade Lubrication
    2.5 Gallon
  • Track Sweeps


  • Engine / Motor
    7hp Gas – Manual Start
  • Clutch Engagement


  • Frame
    Modified 4 Post
  • Bandwheels
  • Guide System
    Dual Shoe Guides, Fixed
  • Lift System
    Manual Cable
  • Measuring
    Dual Scale 1″and 4,5,6,8 Quarter
  • Main Bearings


  • 3-Year Limited Warranty
    Residential Use
  • 6-Year Warranty
    Main Shafts and Bearings

Sawyer Portable Sawmill


44″ Blade
18″ Diameter Logs by 20′ Long
3 Strand Live Deck
4-Way Wedge Standard with 6-Way Optional
“V” Style Splitting Ram
6.5 Second Cycle Time
Auto Cycle Splitter Valve

BRUTE CIRCLE FIREWOOD PROCESSOR: 3 Stage Hydraulic Pump, 44” Blade, 18″ Diameter Logs by 20’ Long, 3 Strand Live Deck, 4-Way Wedge Standard with 6-Way Optional, “V” Style Splitting Ram, 6.5 Second Cycle Time, Auto Cycle Splitter Valve

Log Loading14′ Chain Infeed
Live Deck3 Strand
Log Cutting40″ Circular Saw
Splitter“V” Style Self Centering Covered Push Plate
Wedge2 or 4 way Hydraulic Adjustable Wedge
Engine / Motor Diesel
Main Pump1/31/31/11/GPM
Log Length20′
Log Diameter18″
Splitter Stroke24″
Splitter Cycle Time6.5 seconds (Single Stage)
MeasuringSet Spring Stick
1-Year Limited WarrantyCommercial Use
3-Year WarrantyN/A
Wedge Option6 Way Wedge

3 tools could make you $100k a year! Off Grid/Homesteading

If your off grid, you’re going to want to create your own lumber. A lot of off grid people like myself are very self sufficient minded, so we like to be able to provide for ourselves for some odd reason we cant just go to the store and buy lumber.

So if you have a sawmill because your dealing with the trees anyways. So this is a Hud-Son Forest Equipment Warrior portable sawmill. It’s been working fantastic for us and were about to load that 6,000 pound log onto this sawmill.

So if you haven’s subscribed to our channel make sure you do subscribe because we are cutting some more siding for the building we are building down at the log cabin.

Really good asset. Super nice folks and there made in America, in upstate New York.

I’ll make a link for that, I don’t make a dime off it. They are super cool and they make great products!

Hud-Son Forest Equipment
Barneveld, NY