The original Hud-Son Firewood Bundler, comes standard with wheels to make it easier for moving around the worksite and for storage. It bundles firewood from lengths of 14″ to 24″ up to 12″x 12″ square.

The Hud-son 8M dirt screener was built with the landscaper and contractor in mind. It works equally well with a skid steer or front end loader.  The upper separator will remove any oversized material and debris making the next stage faster and easier.

The Hud-Son Edger Model 1913 is a great piece of equipment to help any sawmill owner be more profitable, while saving valuable time.  Anyone that has added an edger to their sawmill operation has reported an increase of production from 30 to 50%.

Turn your chain saw into a debarker, notcher or planer! Easily mounts on any saw bar. Uses .325 or 3/8″ pitch chain to drive the drum that has two 3 1/4″ planer blades. Use to debark and notch logs.

Uniforest grapples and rotators are heavily built and can be used for a variety of applications.They can be used as replacement grapples to worn out grapples off log loaders, used on the end of excavator booms, backhoes and more.

The Scorpion is complete with boom, rotator, and grapple.  Uniforest Scorpion has been universally designed to work with both 3pt hitch set ups or universal quick connects.

The Hud-Son Lift Arm, is perfect for those heavy lifting jobs under 1200 lbs. The Hud-Son Lift Arm comes with a lift hook, and a hydraulic 1200 lb jack.

Turn your tractor into a skidder using a Uniforest Skidding Winch. Pulling power of up to 18,700 lbs.  The more affordable manual control (M) and efficient wireless control models (H) available.