Hud-Son shutdown procedure.  Ken shows us a quick shutdown procedure for when you’re done milling for the day and you’re ready to shutdown your mill.

Small Hud-Son Blade Guide Set Up and Adjustment.  Setting the Guide Shoes. Identifying the Guide Shoe Brackets for your specific mill. Guide Body, fastener bolts, bearing part information

Prolong the life of bandsaw mill blades using Hud-Son Band Blade Sharpener periodically. Effortless demonstration. Sharpens Hud-son blades and Apex RF profile blades (Woodmizer / Munkfors). Optional: Grind wheel for Apex SL profile blades (Hakansson).

Our customer’s passion about Hudson Sawyer reminds us of the story of David and Goliath.

“Attended the Farming Convention at SUNY Cobleskill last weekend. They had a class for saw milling where they had a woodmizer LT40 that you could try. While the entire class was impressed with the LT40 debarker, hydraulic everything, mobility of the trailer, and automation, they didn’t like the price tag. I felt like the marketing Rep for Hudson Sawyer Sawmill because when I showed the class my Hudson Sawyer and how it produces just as accurate cuts for $2,000 versus the $30,000 price tag, they were very interested. Don’t get me wrong the LT40 or any other full hydraulic model is nice, but for small operations they aren’t affordable. Thanks Hudson for offering a great product at a reasonable price for the small operations!”  David Dickinson


After David told the King that he had killed both lion and bear; and Goliath will be like one of them,  the King clothed David with his armor, a bronze helmet and a coat of mail.
Imagine David thinking (as he tried to walk) “Don’t get me wrong, this is nice but I have a tool that’s tried and true.”
David stripped off the king’s armor. Instead, he took his staff, chose five smooth stones and his pocket sling. The rest is history.

The fact is, it’s doesn’t always take big equipment to get a job done.  You need equipment you can afford and that over time, will show itself tried and true.

Call Hud-Son and we’ll help you determine the sawmill that’s just right for your needs.

A few months ago I had a customer looking for 13 different wood species slabs to make a giant “The Last Supper” he hoped to complete by Thanksgiving.
The individual slabs are 1” thick. Overall  it is 35” x 165”.
Indian Rosewood, Wild Black Cherry, Cuban Mahogany, Red Cedar, Sycamore, Water Oak, Bald Cypress, Hickory, Elm, Yellow Pine, Camphor, Pecan & Poplar.