Uniforest grapples and rotators are heavily built and can be used for a variety of applications.They can be used as replacement grapples to worn out grapples off log loaders, used on the end of excavator booms, backhoes and more.

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“I give trees a second life, to be appreciated by many future generations. Salvage/reclamation, lumber milling, and fine artistic furniture creation.”
“Little Sequoia is helping me process and dry this monster 48” wind-fallen Doug fir that came down in the back of our property last winter.”

Julian lives in Washington and mills with a Hud-Son Forest Equipment Oscar 52 sawmill. Hud-Son Forest Equipment is proudly built in upstate New York with American hands.

A little boy was dreaming of having a Hud-Son Forest Equipment Uniforest 55H pro so that his daddy could work safer, with more ease and also more sustainably in their forest. Together, they decided to visit Uniforest to check out their forestry equipment production. Did they get the winch they wanted??

Log skidding is a difficult job; however, many forest owners do it with their home-made equipment and work hard to transport the logs from forest to home. That’s why Uniforest is offering wide range of forestry skidding winches with different equipment to be used occasionally or professionally, depending on the forestor. The most popular of all is our Hud-Son Forest Equipment Uniforest 55Hpro forestry winch from the premium series, who was also one of the stars of our freshly produced video.

Increasingly popular due to the needs for low impact logging
and effective forest management
• Common uses for winches include vehicle recovery, steel scrapping, emergency winching & tree felling
• Economical Manual Control (M)
• Efficient Wireless Control (H)
• Extra Length Cable
• Lower Snatch Blocks
• Removable Trailer Hitch
• Full Fold Down Protective Screen
• Scabbard to hold your chainsaw
New Standard for quality and innovation
• With 20 years in the field, these winches are tried and true
• Well thought-out machines, built with the operator in mind

Skidding Winches

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Danny Be milling a fat white oak on his Hud-Son Forest Equipment Hunter portable sawmill!

Hud-Son Freedom portable sawmills, our most affordable build-it-yourself sawmills.

Save money and assemble the bandsaw yourself, or for a little more you can purchase one pre-assembled. Built in the USA for the handyman, farmer or woodland homesteader. Choose from the red, white and blue Sawyer or camouflage custom painted Hunter.


Hud-Son Forest Equipment is introducing the all-new Freedom Line with the Hunter portable sawmill. This sawmills is built here in the USA in our hometown of Barneveld, NY. Some people just cannot reason with the extra expense for the very high priced sawmills on the market. Hud-Son Forest Equipment has come up with a solution to save YOU money..

With the experience of selling thousands of sawmills across the USA and internationally, we’ve seen what is out there and what customers want.. so we’ve come up with the Hunter, an All-American Mill that is perfect for the Do-it-yourselfer, Handyman or mechanically skilled person.

Competitively priced, this is our most unique mill yet. It can be ordered assembled or unassembled to help meet your needs and budget. With our how-to instructional DVD, you can easily assemble this mill at home with simple hand tools… no welding necessary! The bolt together frame is developed with extra bracing, making the mill sturdy and durable. We suggest reviewing the instructional video prior to purchasing the Sawyer Sawmill. You could also stop by your local dealership to view them in person. Then you can decide if you want the Unassembled price or the Assembled price.

The Hunter, available in custom-painted camo (no two look the same!)  designed and manufactured with hardworking Americans in mind. It comes with a three-year warranty. Contact your local Dealer or buy now below to get your Hunter Sawmill today.

An oldie but a goodie!! One of our first videos we ever posted on YouTube almost 11 years ago!

The Hud-Son Forest Equipment DB-1 chainsaw debarker is a valuable chainsaw attachment that will save you time and money.

The DB-1 when used as a debarker before sawing logs ill prolong the life of your blades and will save you money.

Whether you are a custom furniture maker, contractor, the DB-1 will help you achieve that rustic wood look you desire.

A great tool for debarking logs, making fence posts, notching, restoration work, and more!

The DB-1 works with 3 1/4 inch planer blades. These blades are powered by your chainsaw chain and attached at the end of your bar.

It requires bolts thru your bar and a two inch longer chain that will work with any chainsaw.

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Hud-Son Forest Equipment Uniforest Rotator and Grapple Forestry Logging with Stihl Timbersports competitor, Nathan Waterfield.

I’m Mike with Hud-Son Forest Equipment. We decided to come out here and check in with one of our good customers, Nathan Waterfield. He’s got a few different Uniforest pieces and it’s always good to check in with your customers on a local basis and see how were meeting their needs.

What we did here with this setup is we took the Hud-Son Forest Equipment Uniforest 1800 scorpion grapple with the 465 rotator system and set it up on an excavator boom. A lot of times with the excavators the claw in the thumb is awkward using logs so if you’re primarily using it to land your logs the Hud-Son Forest Uniforest setup is a very nice addition!

So last winter we used the Uniforest 1800 on the Kubota track skid steer and it was good with the scorpion grab which is an awesome set up but what we had trouble with is that we could only pile up to about 12 to 16 high because of the machine and then you’re also having to back/forth all the time. So we decided to go with the grapple on the excavator.

We had the Hud-Son Forest Equipment Uniforest 1800 grapple we used the thumb and the bucket for a little while and it just was not efficient. It was hard to organize and you know the way the markets are with wood now having the ability to sort the wood out for different buyers. You know different markets, different purposes, it really helps us to be able to get the most we can for the logs. The competition is so great you need to be efficient so having additions like this is a great help!

The other thing to is that you know more and more we’re having issues with trucking. You know trying to get trucks on these landings to move wood for us. It’s harder and harder so what happens is you end up with piles of wood on the landing. You can see after two days of cutting that the landing is full. This is a beautiful landing. We’ve got all kinds of room on this landing and that’s pretty fortunate.

There’s a lot of jobs where we’re not so fortunate to have this much room.

A really beneficial addition to cutting the logs up like this is when you get into some really high quality wood. Veneer logs and that sort of thing. Hold the log in place that keep them from pivoting down and potentially cracking/degrading the value of the log so having the grapple again for that purpose is an improvement.

Turn your tractor into a skidder using a Uniforest Skidding Winch. Pulling power of up to 18,700 lbs. The more affordable manual control (M) and efficient wireless control models (H) available. Call us today and learn which model would be the best fit for you and your tractor from 16hp to 100+ hp tractors. Whether you are a novice or commercial forester, Uniforest has a skidding winch to fit your needs.

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