We’re going to push the @hudsonforestequipment Slabber 52 to the limits with this 48” monster. Can’t wait to see the slabs we get…but only after this little sawyer is done using this log as his personal jungle gym!
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Hey guys Jake here! Welcome back to the
channel. It is a Sunday morning and I
got up early and came down to the wood
yard. Did a little final cleanup here
after finally getting rid of all of the
scrap pieces of wood. Cut off pieces
I pushed everything off with the bucket
on the tractor just off over here. I’m
planning to use all those all that sawdust. All you
know the junk as kind of like a base to make some
more room to keep the ibc totes off
of the asphalt millings but have the
empty ones like off in this section over
here. So that’s what I was busy doing this
morning but now I got a new little
machine in the back of the truck over
here that I’d like to show you guys. So
I’m excited to test it out. We’re
gonna have a little bit of fun.
Okay guys so this is the new piece of
equipment that we’re going to be testing
out today. This is a Hud-Son Forest Equipment firewood
bundler and while Hud-Son   did not send me
this bundler they did send me this cool
t-shirt and a chainsaw debarker used for
sawmilling when you’re using the alaskan
sawmill so thank you very much hudson um
but yeah i’m super excited to try this
out this is actually my buddies he
bought this about a year ago he and his
son have a firewood stand they make
and sell the bundles out of their
firewood stand so i asked him if i could
borrow it to test it out build up an
inventory of some bundles that way i can
put the bundles out in the stand instead
of the five dollar loose stacks of wood
that i have um in those cubbies if you
haven’t seen those videos on me building
the firewood stand go back a couple
videos i posted them maybe a week or two
ago um quick update on the firewood
stand i have not sold any firewood yet
um but i think that’s just because
people are still getting used to it
being there hopefully we’ll start to see
a couple sales start trickling in but um
yeah so we’re gonna test this thing out
see how it works i’ll do a quick little
overview close-up of it so you guys can
see what it’s all about and we’re gonna
make some firewood bundles today i’m
super excited
so here’s a closer look at the bundler
again this is made by hudson forest
equipment in the good old usa um you
know it’s pretty simple design not too
going on here you got your hand crank
send the uh the plastic wrap around
you got a nice counterweight there
a belt system
with a flywheel
and then these my friend said are like
quick loaders there’s two of them yeah
so these are quick loaders and basically
i guess if you have more than one person
helping you um in theory one guy can be
running the bundler and the other could
be loading up these quick loaders and
what you do is you stack the wood up in
them and then you can basically just
drop it down
um into the rack here
you know
perpendicular to
these supports and all the wood will
just drop in and the quick loader will
fall out the bottom and then the other
guy can keep loading up the quick
loaders and i guess it would speed up
the process um because i’m just here by
myself today i don’t think we’re going
to be using them but maybe we could get
chris over here or sarah to help in the
future and try them out so
um this is adjustable for different
lengths of wood you see you have these
set screws here
i believe my friend had it to 16 as well
because that’s what he cuts to
and because it’s 16 and 16 inches long
filling it up to the top would be more
than one cubic foot so i believe he
marked out with sharpies here
how high to stack it to make it exactly
like a one cubic foot bundle based on
the 16 inch length um it wouldn’t be you
know it’s not 12 by 12 by 12 it’s 16 by
12 by 12.
so that accounts for that so yeah i got
a ibc tote of nice dry ash wood here so
we’re going to load it up in the bundler
and try and make a couple bundles okay
so again i’ve never done this before but
i’m guessing
it’s not too difficult
we want to make some nice
tight bundles
so i’m going to pack it in there
kind of like a puzzle
there we go that fits
that fits
that fits okay
so there we go okay so there we go we
got our wood stacked in there um i’m not
i don’t know i think this should work
pretty well there’s like seven pieces in
um we got it pretty much up to
those marks so i’m gonna give this a
shot here
okay so we got that here we go
okay and there’s three
i’ll take my knife
cut it
and there we go
okay here’s our bundle it’s nice and
tight so
we got this pallet here
there we go first bundle done
so it has this adjustable uh like
tension spring here which i guess is to
provide uh you know the tension on the
roll of stretch wrap so i just tightened
it up a little bit
um to provide a little bit more tension
but i mean these things
are looking pretty good and like those
are beefy bundles the first one
um i probably could have done a little
bit better job stacking it in
nice but this second one with the
smaller pieces um
came out pretty good i think
if i ever were to get one of these
bundlers or build one myself i would
have to alter
the size of the wood that i’m splitting
to to smaller splits to one have it dry
out faster and two be able to you know
stack up really nice tight full bundles
so that the customer
gets exactly what they pay for but so
far so good i’m gonna keep going here
so i’ve been at it about 15 minutes and
i’m getting towards the end of this tote
i’ve made 15 bundles so far and as you
can see stacking them up on this pallet
and this thing works really well um
it’s definitely
seems a lot easier than some of the
other homemade you know versions that
i’ve seen um if you use like the hand
roll of saran wrap or
um you know the bags like shoving it
into a garbage can
it’s it’s definitely nice just having
this unit and the saran wrap keeps it
nice and tight
i mean these bundles like are not going
anywhere i’ve been wrapping them uh
three times around with the saran wrap
and then i just have my pocket knife
right here and i cut the saran wrap i
definitely think
if you were going to be doing this
or if i was going to be doing this like
all the time and invest in one of these
bundlers or invest in building one
myself um you definitely
have to
fine-tune the way that you’re like
splitting your wood i think it would be
easier to have a lot of like square
pieces rather than triangles or square
pieces at least for like the four
corners of the bundle and then you kind
of fill in with triangles in the middle
definitely smaller pieces would be
better i think both um just like from a
a uh what’s the word from an aesthetic
standpoint from the customer i think if
they see more pieces of little firewood
in a bundle rather than fewer pieces of
big firewood yeah at the end of the day
you’re probably getting roughly the same
you know cubic footage wise or like
cubic inches wise but i think you could
stack the bundles a lot tighter with
smaller wood and it looks like more wood
rather than having like six big pieces
now i think most of these bundles i’ve
been getting probably like six to
eight pieces in there depending on
you know size and everything and you
know this tote i had no idea that i was
going to be
doing this um you know
with the bundler i mean so um i think in
the future next time i split especially
some of this nice dry ash over here i
will kind of like i said fine-tune the
splitting smaller splits in preparation
for using this bundler um but so far so
good i really like it i am however
hoping that these bundles will fit into
the cubby holes that i have out in a
firewood stand so i think i might pick
up this pallet
right now and bring it out to the
firewood sand and just kind of do a
rough test to see
if they fit in the cubbies i’m hoping
they do i made the cubbies a little bit
bigger than one cubic foot so uh let’s
give that a shot
okay guys so as i said we haven’t sold
any wood from the firewood stand yet but
i’m just curious to see if these bundles
will fit in the cubbies that i made here
so i’m gonna empty one out we’re gonna
give it a shot
good news is all this wood is nice and
dry so my roof
is working so
i don’t know if it really matters but
here’s the bundle
slides right in
with uh plenty of room to spare
so i think
i can go ahead and empty out all these
and replace them with nice bundles
okay so i got all the loose wood swapped
out and thrown into this ibc tote here
and put in the
fresh new bundles
now it doesn’t really
look much different i guess to the eye
um but it’ll be a lot easier when
people come to pick it up because they
won’t have to take arm full so they
could just pick up the entire bundle um
hopefully people will enjoy that and
start coming to the stand to
buy firewood
okay guys so sarah just came down to the
wood yard to see what this bundler is
all about and i figured i’d show her how
to do it and then maybe she could make a
bundle or two on her own here so
see this thing basically you put the
wood in here
and then you turn this crank and it
you know and wraps the wood so
what i’ve kind of been doing is
take a couple pieces
place them in there
like so it’s kind of like a puzzle
because you want to get as much in there
as possible
just find the pieces
how many pieces
well it’s not really how many as much as
like getting it to this line because
you’re going for a certain size like a
cubic foot
so see now we’re at the top so i want to
look for like some little flat pieces to
kind of
fill up the top so if we can find
another flat piece like that
a little
yeah that’ll work
and see goes in like that
and then
you take the wrap
kind of go like that
take your knife
cut it
boom that’s easy enough
there’s a bundle
now let’s do a test can you pick this up
you can pick that up right it’s not too
heavy i mean it’s heavy but it’s not too
heavy no and that’s a good-sized bundle
right would you pay five bucks for that
i pay eight bucks for this eight bucks
for that all right
you want to try and do one yourself the
average american could pick that up i’d
say the average yeah i mean i think it’s
i think they’re getting a good value and
i mean firewood a bundle is a bundle you
know so it’s gonna be like this one
doesn’t fit so that’s enough which one
this one doesn’t fit
yeah so this one can go just up on top
i also didn’t really measure but
this is adjustable you know in and out
there you go
well so see i’ve been going like this
kind of like you give it a nice flat
bottom so like the last video i was in a
claw machine and this is like jenga yeah
the last time was we’re just playing
games here on dude ranch diy no wonder
you’re always out here
you’re just playing games so yeah like
that and then yeah put in
now so pick that up
and we’ll do something
like this hold on
that yeah sometimes you got to
manipulate it a little bit
and then like that
and go like that
and see these lines here that’s where
we’re trying to fill it up to
it’s like
tetris not jenga
right yeah tetris
i still love that game
so maybe find one little candlestick
like right in front of your left knee
yeah that little guy
right in there
that’s a match is that a good fit maybe
one more flat one for the top
see any flat ones
that flat no it’s a little too big
maybe one
i’m gonna try this one try that one
that’s a little too much okay i think
it’s all right it’s above the line
anyway over here so now
crank this up
now grab the end of it right here now
with your other hand feed this out
let’s spin the roll
with your hand
the other way
it’s not easy to spin that way
yeah there you go
now place it down right here put your
hand on top of it right there
put your left hand on top of it and hold
it and now turn the crank
and then as
no keep going keep going keep going keep
going keep going now slide your hand out
see and it’ll hold it
one left
now grab the knife
and slide it out to you yeah
i’ll pop it open
now cut it and then press it down with
the other hand
there we go
and you even know how to close the knife
good job
now pop that out
pull it straight up
oh this one’s heavier
it gets tight in there huh yeah all
right there we go got it
all right
nice job
that’s easy yeah not too bad right
turn around talk to the kids
hopefully now they sell with
having them bundled yeah see how much
easier this would be rather than
grabbing you know grab it instead of
taking like 10 minutes to like well not
10 minutes but you probably have to take
like two arm fulls you know for the
average person of loose wood but now you
can just grab one bundle and throw it in
the trunk your car yep i already swapped
it out so this wood that we just made
those two bundles out of was the wood
that was out in the stands so now we’re
gonna swap it over and hopefully build
up a little inventory before i have to
bring the bundler back to james but uh
does this make you want to buy a bundle
i think this does make me want to buy a
bundler however
i can’t justify the bun the purchase of
a bundler until we start selling some
firewood i think um you know if we can
sell some firewood to offset the coffee
i can save up for it or save up the
materials to potentially build my own um
but yeah so far so good this uh this
hudson force equipment firewood bundler
is pretty neat you’re definitely gonna
see it on some more videos here in the
channel um well so i said in the
beginning they sent me the t-shirt i
wish they sent me a bundler but the
t-shirt’s good enough well i’ll tag a
minute maybe they’ll i’ll i’ll tag a
minute for sure so everybody out at
hudson forest equipment thank you so
much uh two thumbs up or four thumbs up
from dude ranch diy uh but you’ll see
more of this in the videos over the next
uh couple days or so while i still have
it borrowing it from my buddy james so
thanks again james but uh that’s pretty
much gonna wrap up this video we’re
gonna head down to the boat yep this
afternoon it’s looking like it’s going
to be a nice day yeah and enjoy the rest
of our sunday so as always guys thanks
so much for watching i really appreciate
it if you like the video give it a big
thumbs up if you haven’t done so already
hit that subscribe button down below i
know based on the analytics a lot of
people that watch the channel believe it
or not aren’t subscribed can you believe
how could that how dare you guys how
dare you hit that subscribe button hit
it hit it hard we’d really appreciate it
any questions comments or feedback about
this hudson firewood bundler or anything
else on the channel throw it down in the
comments section but for now i’m jake
i’m sarah this is dude ranch diy thanks
so much for watching we’ll see you here
next time we’ll put pictures at the end
of this of the dogs on the boat oh yeah
we brought him on the boat yesterday we
took the dogs out on the boat for the
first time they loved it they did have
fun so have a good one guys


So this is my process for stacking and air drying my lumber by David Grissom. Hud-Son Forest Equipment HFE 36 portable sawmill owner.


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Thank you to Honeybrook Farm in PA for sharing this great picture of their Hud-Son Forest Equipment Oscar 336 in action. We love seeing our equipment out in the field working hard for our customers!

How’s it going guys Jake here for Dude Ranch DYI welcome back to the channel today we have a special video for you. I’m joined by my friend, Andre, here if you remember a couple videos back. We dropped a big sugar maple log using the dump trailer and the log arch here at the sawmill. I said that we might get a little update on it or some pictures but I’m doing you one even better. We’re gonna have a full video of processing this log down into some slabs isn’t that right, Andre! You know welcome to our site here where we are fortunate to have over 25 different species of hardwood.

Andre here has a sawmill and a full lumber and furniture business OF custom slabs all sorts of exotic hardwoods. So we’re gonna see the sugar maple log here get all cut up and process down

from the raw form that I brought it down to. I think it’s a living room project not quite sure but the idea is that the main meat of the tree sits across this crotch right here where the sort of main  wood value divided in its growth. We’ll want to go ahead and try and maximize. Think of this box being our our main value and then trimming everything off of that. Go ahead and capture which will mean that we’ll end up making our first cut across the top right here. Somewhere our second cut across the bottom right here probably our third cut somewhere right about in here so that would be basically squaring the log up. So this is the log guys if you remember it’s got quite a few knots in it. I think it’s going to have some awesome characteristics or character just from all the grain pattern going in all different directions.
So we’re going to fire up the bobcat and the chainsaw we’re gonna trim it up a little bit and get it on the mill top cut right here. So the idea is that is going to be where the second place the log sits on the track gotcha so that flat spot will basically give it a spot to lay exactly on the track right here.  WOW, is that a nail!  Right out of the game!  Wow first cut!

sawmill, bandmill, saw mill, lumber, live edge, milling, sawmilling, forestry, forestry equipment, equipment, do it yourself, woodmizer, wood mizer, cooks, harbour freight sawmill

Successful loading and slabbing a 3000lb Elm tree- Urban logging/Hud-Son Forest Equipment Warrior Portable Sawmill


Good morning, my name is Nick some of you may have watched one of my prior videos where I attempted to place a large elm tree on my Hudson warrior mill. I was unsuccessful but today we going to get a similar tree and I have a new plan. Yeah that looks good so in this clip here you’ll see me cutting what’s referred to as cookies in the woodworking world. These are cross cut sections that can be used for tables or something like that the max distance between my guides on my mill is 31 inches this piece that I’m cutting right here is sitting about 35 inches. This tree on my trailer is at about 12 feet in length. The max that I can get on my mill is 10 feet long so this is the way that I can basically keep cutting these off. I ended up cutting three and then I get it right to where I wanted length wise so I can get the maximum yield for the cookie pieces as well as keeping the tree as long as I can for slapping it out which we’ll see here in just a second. I also wanted to take a second to give a shout out to my buddy Mike from Battleborn Tree Service in Carson City, Nevada. If you’re located in the Reno Carson or Lake Tahoe area you should definitely check him out. He does great work and he’s a huge help to me hooking me up with these big trees. Thanks Mike!
All right without further ado the big surprise of this video is how I’m gonna get this tree on the mill. It actually removing the mill head of all the ideas that I had this one actually seems the easiest. I really didn’t do a great job prepping the pallet jack here as you can see I put two little clamps but it got it off safely. In the future I have a better idea of how to get it attached and overall I’m going to call it a success for getting the mill safely out of the way so we can get the trailer back. Don, which you’ll see here in this next clip so here I’m just showing you the tree that the strap goes to it actually goes underneath my log deck and then comes out where it’s chained around the tree. You’ll see me when I start to pull this off. I’m not too concerned about this button that we’re looking at because those seem to land softly it’s the other end that I’m concerned about if that heavy 3,000 pound log just lands directly on the mill it’s basically going to probably bend it and then completely throw it out of calibration so what you’re going to see me do here is straighten it and then on the other end. I’m going to set up some cribbing which successfully catches the other
half of that low and I know people have suggested using pipe to get it on and off.
Here’s the problem once the tree is on the trailer I can’t lift it because of the design of the log arch and I really don’t want to put pipe underneath it while I’m traveling on the freeway because I don’t want any risk of it coming off.  So you’ll see here the successful catch of the load with this cribbing you so you can see on the side of the log to the right that I’ve shaved off some of to it with a carbide grinding disc. I didn’t do enough which is why the mill is kind of catching here. If you don’t give enough space for the sawdust to eject out of it kind of bogs it down a little bit so I pushed it through which probably isn’t the best thing for the guides or the mill. The subsequent cuts after this that are not in this video. I ended up taking that carbide grinding disc and giving it about 3/4 of an inch on either side of the guide in that way it performs much better.  So some of you haven’t seen my last video the product that I use to keep my slabs stacked tight and straight is called Cuban ex trapping and it’s a nylon base material that has these buckles here that you thread the material through and then you ratchet it like this and you can get this really tight almost like a piano string and some people were upset that it’s a plastic product and then it will ruin the earth but the good thing is it’s reusable.  So not only can you retighten it with a little side ratchet or if you stack this up but if you were to break it and pull slab out of here you can easily really reel OOP this through this buckle and use it again so it has a lot of life in it you can see here how tight it is at keeping everything in a line so this other stack here I did not use the Cuban for manic strapping on because I didn’t have it yet and you can see don’t look at these top three pieces they don’t really count because the they were milled with the chainsaw and the ladder moved on the deck but these ones down
here you can see that if you don’t put the stickers in the right place where I didn’t and you don’t keep them tight you get a lot of movement variation on the end so I’m really happy with the new
product and the new strapping it definitely seems to be keeping things a lot tighter and cleaner so in this next clip here you’re gonna see me successfully stack two of my log stacks on top of each other this is something that I’ve been kind of thinking about in my mind of how I would do it and it would obviously increase the capacity around my narrow driveway that I could store material and having a forklift would be ideal to do this operation but I don’t have the money to buy one or two maintenance an old one that I’d buy off Craigslist or eBay so I was pretty pleased with you’ll see here just a little ingenuity and a little bit of planning and I was actually able to successfully get him on there and I thought it was relatively safe looking at the operation afterwards so I’m happy that this worked and I’m gonna keep doing it to decrease the footprint around my property you alright well we’ve arrived at the end of this video and I hope you enjoyed watching it as much as I enjoy making them and hopefully I have inspired at least one person to go out there and possibly mill their own lumber for their woodworking projects because it is definitely a blast I really do enjoy doing it and these videos allow me to share the journey with you so please subscribe if you haven’t already done so and I hope you have a great day thank you


Hud-Son Forest Equipment Uniforest forestry skidding winch set up and mounting to the PTO on a tractor



0:00 Intro
2:34 How to unload winch off a truck
5:36 Mounting Winch to Tractor
12:02 Cutting PTO to Length
30:50 Pre operation check on winch
34:00 Training the winch cable
41:35 Demonstrating trailer hitch and hitching tips
51:33 Disconnecting the logging winch from tractor
53:50 Maintenance of winch


Hello, I’m John from Hud-Son Forest Equipment here at our local Kubota dealer up the road from us and we’re here to set up a Uniforest 45M forestry skidding winch on the back of a 50 horsepower tractor three-point hitch model.

We’re going to go over how to unload the winch from your truck to setting it up on the tractor cutting the PTO shaft off the proper length and training the cable on the winch.

So to get started for transport when you pick it up from your local dealer or pick it up from Hud-Son Forest Equipment.

This is how we set it in your truck we stand it up if you request it on a pallet. We would send it on a pallet but this is the easiest way to handle it. Stand it up in the back and anchor it four points. Keep the pressure pulling straight down on the winch and they travel for hundreds of miles staying stable like that.

Safest way to transport it if you need it to travel a long distance on a pallet is lay it down on it’s face. That’s the other way but you have to take the cage off so you don’t do any damage to the winch if you’re requesting that would just be one more step in the setup but we’re not going to cover that today.

So to start off we’ve got it anchored in the truck properly. Next we’re going to unload it so to unload it we will hook a chain and the center point on your three point hitch on the back of the winch right up here. We’ll get the tractor on the front end motor and we’ll just raise it straight up in the air