Hud-Son Forest Equipment is a New York State based company located in the foothills of the Adirondacks. What started out as a Mom and Pop business known as Hudon and Son in 1946, has since taken on the name of Hud-Son. The Hudon family has many members working in various departments among this strong employee group. We’ve always been involved with forestry and forestry equipment with a simple love for the outdoors.

We manufacture and import high quality forestry equipment for folks much like ourselves. We find pride in providing tools to forestland owners, loggers, tree farmers, arborists, among many others. In our main location in Barneveld NY, we employ local guys and gals many who have come to think of this as more than a job. We work together like a family unit.

We love our customers and thank all of the good folks who help to make Hud-Son a success by purchasing our products over the years. We will continue to strive to provide the quality and affordable product you have come to expect from Hud-Son.

We’ll be here for years to come to provide you with service before and after the sale.

Daniel J. Hudon



Who we are
Formal forestry has been practiced since the 7th century. When people now in the area that we call Germany we faced with the ever increasing shortage of wood.

Forestry has changed dramatically over the years. Eventually becoming a rather micronized business. Carried out by specialized enterprises using highly specialized forestry equipment and machines.

Dan Hudon JR, well the forestry business has changed quite a bit over the course of history. They’ve gone from axes to chainsaw to modern machines that does all the logging that a person needs to do.

In 1946, Oscar Hudon, began logging and farming in Crowne Point, New York by Lake Champelin with his son’s Daniel, Omer, Paul, and Maurice. The Hudon’s quickly earned respect within their community and earned respect within their community and earned a reputation for quality and hard work.

Dan Hudon SR, founder of Hud-Son Forest EQUIPMENT we purchased the farm in Crowne Point, New York. We bought it principally for a place to live and the wood that was on the farm which was our primary income. We gardened, had farm animals but the pulp wood was the main source of our income. We peeled as much wood as possible and while peeling season was on after that we would skid the wood out with horses. Sawed it up to length and delivered it to the mill.

Hud-Son started out selling chainsaws and logging tools. In the 109-‘s started selling portable sawmills. We brought a place here in Barneveld where we mostly sold chainsaws but always pertaining to wood more than anything else. We sold many, many chainsaws. We also got introduced into band mills by Warren Ross in New Hampshire. After selling a number of them we kind of parted company and I tried to get my son into selling sawmills. Him and my daughter in law multiplied the company many times over beyond my wildest dreams(snickering).

Since it’s inception all 3 generations of Hudon’s have been involved in forestry practices.

It started back in Crowne Point, New York, up in the Adirondacks when my grandfather started logging up there. My dad worked for my grandfather and he moved into the Racquet Lake area in the Adirondacks and did more logging. Our company kept growing and growing. Now we are here in Barneveld, NY, with a full blown company that sells worldwide.

Hud-Son sold many sawmills over the years which brought them to an understanding the needs to turning trees to lumber at an affordable price. Thru years of development, testing, and hands on knowledge of the industry.

Hud-Son developed their own line of sawmills. Shaping their product line and maintaining their reputation for valve and excellence in the industry.

Hud-Son Forest Equipment started off by selling circle sawmills back in the 1960’s and in the 70’s my dad started selling portable sawmills. Our company saw a huge need for homeowner sawmills and hobbyist sawmills so we developed our own sawmill line. We’ve gone worldwide with that line of products. All across the United States, Canada, and the world.

Why Hud-Son sawmills is different is the fact that we looked at the homeowner and the hobbyist, farmer, landscaper, we tried to develop a sawmill to meet their needs at a low cost, producing quality lumber. We’ve continued to do that throughout the years.

Today Hud-Son Forest Equipment has turned into a worldwide manufacturer and distributor for a myriad of applications. From forest, to lumber, firewood, wood art, and more.

We work with a wide variety of companies in fact even some individuals. We have found that individuals work really well on a local basis. Companies like your tractor companies, equipment companies, landscaping, co-ops, they all do well moving our products.

Hud-Son has and continues to look towards the future of providing quality built affordable forest equipment who prefers to do the job themselves.

What Hud-Son Forest Equipment has done with their mills is we’ve looked to bring a good, quality mill to a customer he can easily get parts for at most hardware parts providers. We didn’t over develop our sawmills so you can’t get parts for the machine. With the simplicity of being able to have a nice sawmill, at a low cost to cut their lumber in their yard.

Hud-Son offers consumers a fair price, quality piece of equipment that is simple to use, affordable, and produced in a family orientated company with employees who care.

Our developers have made our equipment easy to use looking at our equipment easy to use looking at our equipment being a one man operations. From start to finish him. Him being on his own and we’ve developed all the equipment easily put together and assembled together by one person. It makes a nice, easy piece of equipment.

The family aspect of the company is important to use. We feel that all the employees who work here operate as a family. We are a close knit community, working in a small community, and we all work together like a family. We are proud of our employees and the people that we work with. We’re going on our 4th generation of our family working the business.

Hud-Son Forest Equipment prides itself on educating current and potential customers of the endless possibilities to any homeowner or landowner with any size portion of land with trees that can be harvested.

Our sawmills and wood processing equipment is designed for people in all types of livhoods. We feel and personally believe we are those type of people in every catagory. From the homesteader, hobbyist, the one that wants to start his or her own business doing what they enjoy. You range from heating your home with our firewood processors. Using our sawmills to build a shed even a home.

Tree’s are a renewable resource. You can produce anything from lumber to big structures with. Barn’s garages. You can also use the wood to heat homes and businesses.

Our products do everything from cutting, to splitting, to moving the logs around.

Our trend is more growth for our company worldwide. The reason that they’ve been so good is that we keep on looking at the economy and how the economy package, for a good quality economy sawmill. That’s our goal so we can keep it so that people can afford a Hud-Son product.

For additional information on Hud-Son Forest Equipment at 1-800-765-7297 or online at

3 in 1 Boardfoot Log Scale

Hi, I’m Dan Hudon with Hud-Son Forest Equipment and I want to show you this log scale stick that I came up with that will help a landowner determine how many board feet you have in a log and if he’s buying/selling logs he’ll have an idea of how many board feet is leaving his property.

What’s different about this stick is that it’s got all three scales that they use. They us the Doyle scale the Scribner scale, and they also use the International scale.

To educate the landowner or you I’ve come up with this scale that you can purchase so you have three in one. To give you an idea of how this scale works you need to know the length of your log. You take the stick, go to the small end of the log, not the large end but the small end you measure across the stick. This stick happens to be 24 inches inches in diameter. So if I go to my scale stick and look up 8 foot long, and 24 inch diameter there’s roughly two hundred board feet in the log right there.

What’s important about this is that all 3 scales aren’t exactly the same. If this was a 10 foot log and you were using the Doyle system there’s only 18 board feet in it. If you were using the Scribner there’s 24 board feet in it. If your using the International scale there’30 board feet in it.

So if your buying and selling this is an easy way to learn how to compare the scales to see if your getting the most dollar for the logs your selling.

Thank you very much.

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From the sawyers corner-Is your sawmill blade sharp enough?

Always look at your last cut for any waviness, that is a good sign that your blade maybe dull. Other possible signs of a dull blade are the feed rate will be slower, the motor laboring more then expected, and the blade will be consistently pressing against the guide bearings.

Some folks will use a band blade until it totally will not cut anymore, thinking they are saving money by not changing the blade. Actually, it will cost them more money in the long run. Running a bandmill with a dull blade can cause unseen damage you may not be aware of at the time.

Running a dull blade can cause excessive heat that can damage the band wheel belts , guides and will also ruin the blade, beyond the point to have it re-sharpened and used again.
Hud-Son Forest equipment recommends to keeping a sharp blade on you mill . It will always cut true and you will end up spending less on any down time due to repair that could have been avoided by just changing out your blade.

January 17, 2020

Here we are with the Hud-Son Forest Equipment Oscar 428.

They said this mill would saw a 28″ long.

So we went and got a 28″ oak log that is 305.5 caterpillar excavator and that it is what we needed to lift in on.

Pass after pass the mill worked as promised.

Darrell and Dick checking the lumber the mill sawed it right on the money just like the gauge said-Just dial it in and cut.

Rolled the log up against the dogs to square it.

A special thank you to Dick, Shawn, and Dave for helping and tailing the saw. Those 16″x1.5″ planks were very heavy.

We are getting it squared up good and now let’s turn it again and cut planks.

This is not a commercial business, this is real world sawmilling and this mill is doing the job it was advertised to do.

The hard work is behind us now. Count me as a satisfied owner of the Hud-Son Oscar 428 sawmill.

Hud-Son Forest Equipment Freedom Line portable sawmill’s are the best sawmill for the money. These Hud-Son Forest Equipment band mills include the Hunter and Sawyer mills. The Hunter and Sawyer portable sawmill ship unassembled in the base price, saving budget minded customers money on doing the assembly themselves. This boasts a huge feature of this mill by putting it together yourself you are training yourself on the ins and outs of your mill. The Hunter and Sawyer Freedom Line sawmills can be purchased assembled and cost the consumer extra money. The base price of the Hud-Son Forest Equipment Freedom Line Hunter and Sawyer portable sawmills is $2,449.00(Price subject to change). The optional assembly cost is $650 however most customers choose to assemble this mill themselves.

Hud-Son Forest Equipment proudly manufactures their forestry equipment in a small town located in the gateway of the Adirondack Mountains. Hud-Son Forest Equipment has been a family owned and operated business since 1946 currently in their fourth generation of owner operated. Unlike the Woodland Made in China, Harbor Freight Made in China, Frontier by Norwood Made in China, and Timber Tuff Made in China portable sawmills, Hud-Son Forest Equipment is Built in the USA by American hands. Hud-Son Forest Equipment has an extensive dealer network allowing authorized Hud-Son trained dealers to sell our forestry products in your local area. This benefit serves the customers best interest by having a point of purchase close to them, hands on training on Hud-Son equipment, extended warranties being trained by your dealer, parts and service, and technical assistance both before and after the sale.

Parts used on the Hud-Son equipment are in stock and available for purchase at our headquarters, dealer network, and online. Most of the parts on Hud-Son Forest Equipment forestry equipment is purchased thru American suppliers.

Hud-Son Forest Equipment has factory technician on hand to assist you six days a week. A live person answering the phone, and a highly skilled technician for service calls.

Hud-Son Forest Equipment

There are many things to consider before buying a portable sawmill.
What type of milling you are doing: homeowner or professional usage, diameter logs you will be sawing, manual or hydraulic mill, stationary or trailer band mill, and of course budget? Can you get parts easily for your mill? Can you get training on using your mill properly? Will I get support after the sale? Who can I call if I need help?
Hud-Son Forest Equipment in Barneveld NY proudly manufactures our equipment here in NY and has a line up of sawmills to fit any sawyers needs. Our authorized and trained Hud-Son Forest Equipment dealer representatives are strategically located throughout the US and Canada to serve your local area. We have our dealers available to you locally so you can demonstrate Hud-Son Equipment products and receive proper training/maintenance on the equipment you are purchasing.
Our Hud-Son Forest Equipment Freedom Line sawmill is suited to those with a set budget in mind. Hud-Son Forest Equipment has sold many Freedom line sawmills to sawyers just starting out with their milling and eventually upgrade to our Homesteader/Oscar line sawmills with the benefit of oversized logs and larger HP motors. The Freedom line portable sawmill line includes the Hunter/Sawyer/ and Patriot sawmill options. Unassembled sawmills allow the customer to save money by assembling the units themselves and the benefit of learning every aspect of the mill when they assemble it themselves. Log diameter starts at 21 inches and motor sizes beginning of 7HP. The Hud-Son Forest Equipment Freedom line bandsaw mill is comparable to the unassembled Harbor Freight sawmill. The benefit of purchasing the Hud-Son over the Chinese manufactured mill is readily available parts and technicians available for phone support 6 days a week. Hud-Son Forest Equipment proudly manufactures our forestry equipment in the USA by American hands.
Hud-Son Forest Equipment next line of portable sawmill is our Homestead line of mill which includes three models. The HFE 21, HFE 30, and HFE 36. The Hud-Son Homesteader sawmills are for the homesteader, farm, or hobbyist sawyers. Produce lumber for any number of projects. Maximize resources from your own woodland. Homesteader features Hud-Son’s curved 2-post and vertical lift tube design. These portable bandsaw mills are lightweight, economical, and requires no more than a 3’x 7’ storage space. Hud-Son Forest Equipment Homesteader line of bandsaw mills ship fully assembled and ready to cut within an hour of delivery. Features begin with 21” diameter cuts, welded steel track, and 6.5 HP motors. The HFE-30 is portable and easy to store but can get the serious work done too. With a log capacity of 30” and optional unlimited lengths of cut, you can efficiently saw boards and beams, which can be used in your home construction and maintenance projects. The Hud-Son Forest Equipment Homesteader 36 is the largest mill in the Homesteader line and has the horsepower to tackle the large logs you need to mill. The 31” throat allows you to make mantles, tables, bar tops, custom signs, and much more. The 16 HP V-twin electric start gas motor will make quick work of your sawmill cut list. This no-frills manual mill is easy to operate and maintain. Lock your log in, turn the key, set your blade height with the easy to read quarter scale, throttle up, and cut. The HFE 36 is that simple!
The Hud-Son Forest Equipment Oscar “pro-style” and commercial sawmills, increase production and profits with bigger logs. Average and advanced sawyers can increase production and profits with bigger logs. All Oscar mills feature a larger electric start motor and options. The Hud-Son Forest Equipment Oscar line boasts 28-inch diameter cuts all the way to slabber mill size of 60-inch diameter logs. 14HP electric start to 37 EFI gas motor options. The mills are also manual feed throughout the cut. All you have to do is gently push on the carriage. As in the entire Oscar sawmills this mill has a moveable guide tube that allows you to keep the band blade guides close to the wood to maximize accuracy.

The Hud-Son Forest Equipment Oscar line also features trailer, hydraulic, and slabber sawmills in its lineup. The Farm Boss with its heavy-duty trailer and 6 leveling lets’ can be set up within 10 minutes of arrival. The sawmill head has 2”x 2” steel 4-post frame is extra heavy duty and rugged for long-term dependability and accuracy. Equipped with an electric powered winch for touch of a button height adjustment makes this sawmill user friendly and ready to cut on the spot. The 36” maximum diameter capacity ad 20-foot length capability will allow you to tackle some of the larger logs on your land or elsewhere.
Hud-Son H360 Hydraulic Portable Sawmill comes standard with a 23 hp engine, adjustable power feed, power throttle, power height adjustment, a hydraulic log loader, hydraulic log turner and heavy-duty 24-foot trailer. Built for the production minded sawyer, this sawmill is available with multiple engine options and optional power dog and backstops. This unit has a 36” diameter and 18-foot length capability.
Lastly, the Hud-Son Forest Equipment Oscar 52 and Oscar 60 slabber sawmills are designated to cut logs that traditional sawmills cannot process. The Oscar 52 and Oscar 60 are easy to operate and maintain which leaves you more time to mill and sell your products. This mill is available with multiple engine and track options so that you can customize it to your needs.
Hud-Son Forest Equipment is here to help you with your decision making and support both before and after the sale. We boast an extensive dealer network to demo, purchase, and maintain your Hud-Son equipment. Most parts used on our equipment can easily be picked up from your local hardware store, keeping maintenance/service easy with our customers mind. Hud-Son Forest Equipment has been in business since 1946 and is family owned/operated. With tens of thousands of sawmills sold Hud-Son Forest Equipment knows sawmills.
Hud-Son Forest Equipment 800-765-7297



Information video on the Hud-Son Forest Equipment Oscar 60 slabber sawmill.

The first thing that you’re going to do when you get your Hud-Son Forest Equipment Oscar 60 is you’re going to get your track in place and level it.

In this particular case your going to bolt the two sections together which is very simple. All your going to do is your going to bring your two sections here bring them together. We’ve got these little ears welded on 3 quarter inch bolts just bring them together. We’ve got two on this side and two on that side. For a total of four.

When your getting ready to do the leveling of the track after you’re bolted it together we’ve installed these levelers here that are inch 3/8’s nut. Real easy way with an impact gun drive it up and down. That is a real quick way to figure out your level and very helpful to you.

So here these yellow tabs these are called track stops and what your going to do is with 2 3 quarter inch bolt and nut. Your going to install them on either side and on both ends. All these are a simple safety feature it just keeps your mill from running off the track and having a castrophic. So make sure you install those once you get your mill.

So what were going to do first is if you can picture this your going to be loading your big log onto your track.

One thing I don’t like to see is people using the backstops to catch the logs. So if your dropping your log on try not to use your backstops to roll your log against it.

What we have here is some two and a half inch pocket. What I like to do is I get myself some steal that would fit inside of that. There’s one here. There located on every section. So however long your log is you can get one for each section. Drop your dogs down on that thick, heavy, steel. It wills save you a lot of wear and tear on your sawmill especially on the dogs. So that’s something I wanted to touch on there.

Moving forward once you get your log onto the track the next thing your going to want to do is bring your dog and backstop up. Slide your log tight to your backstop than you would move your dog in and clamp it against the backstop. Now your log is locked in place and it is perfect.

Next were going to go up to the mill and were going to talk about the mill. Getting that situated and ready for milling.

Alright, so here I have my master control. At the end of the day when I’m done milling I want to shut this off and it kills all the power to the whole unit. Here I have my ignition(just a rocker switch), my blade on/off, Up here I have my power feed. I have forward, neutral, and reverse. My speed control is here. Very simple to operate. Very operator friendly.

Alright, so I’m going to show you how to do a quick blade change. First thing I did was I took my inch 3/8’s and took my tension off the blades so the blade is real loose. The next thing I did was I did was take my 9/16’s and I loosed up 1,2, and 3 nuts. So I’m going to go ahead and take those right up.

The trick I’ve always done is I take my wrench stick it in there until I hear a pop, and that’s all I do. Take the guard out. At the same time take the blade off the bandwheel.

Now your going to do the same thing on the other side and I’m going to put my new blade in.

Than after you re-align the band wheels you re-install the band blade. You want to have your band blade hanging off an 8th of an inch off the band blades being that it’s an 1.5 blade.

Make sure before you tension your blade that your blade is in your guides here.

You want to spin your wheels by hand. Approximately three times around by feel.

If your blade is out of alignment. So your blade is riding too far back on the wheel, you would move your front bearing forward. Which in turn would make the blade move back on the wheel. If your blade was riding the opposite way, you would have to move this bearing forward. Which in turn would move the blade this way.

Drive belt tension you always want to keep your drive belts tight. This has two tensioners on this particular unit. The top tensioner is this pulley here. You would loosen this nut and apply force downward on the belt to take slack off. The second pulley is here and you would take that pulley up to take tension off the belt.

To tension the power feed chain you could losen this sprocket and slide this ideal sprocket this way and it will put tension on your power feed chain.

Hud-Son Forest Equipment Circle Brute Firewood Processor

The Hud-Son Forest Equipment Circle Brute Firewood Processor is our newest firewood processor and it’s built with even more production in mind.

It’s the improved, bigger, and better version of our already successful Brute processor.

The circle blade offers increased speed and a strong tolerance of cutting dirty logs. The blade has interchangeable teeth and required no bar oil.

The processor has a 40 inch circular blade that is hydraulic driven.

The Brute circle processor has an amazing 6.5 second splitter time which keeps your production up and gives you the ability to split your wood incredibly fast.

Another important production feature of this processor is the 3 section pump that allows you to cut and split at the same time. This makes for faster processing as the operator is able to multi function as each process is completed.

The Brute circle processor has a rock solid 40HP Kubota engine with ample torch to keep up with demand.

The Hud-Son Forest Equipment circle Brute firewood processor is able to cut 18 inch diameter logs and the three strand live deck can handle up to 20 foot logs.

Logs are fed and blocked and our proven V-style splitter finishes the work. The V-style splitter is excellent on self centering and very rarely do blocks of wood misaleign in the wedge.

The splitter is a 24 inch stroke and comes with a standard adjustable 4 way wedge with a six way wedge option available.

Hud-Son Forest Equipment Brute Circle Processor is productivity at it’s finest.

Made in the USA. Hud-Son Forest Equipment.

Call us today for more information call Hud-Son Forest Equipment


Off Grid with Doug and Stacy, “Loading the first log ever on the Hud-Son Forest Equipment Warrior portable sawmill and it ain’t pretty”.

That’s why I’m going to get a John Deere 333E because these Bobcat’s just aren’t good at picking up these heavy loads. They don’t have a good tip. You know braiding, right? So it can’t lift as much. I’ve seen the 333 from John Deere lift some stuff. The Bobcat comes in behind ii. Try’s to lift the same thing and it can’t. It starts tipping. So that’s why we’re going with the John Deere when we get this skid steer stuff figured out. I just wanted to show you guys that with these heavy loads. The Bobcat’s a good machine but it’s just not made for the meat man! That’s a 5 series, I’ve even looked at the 650’s, and even the 750’s the bigger ones and John Deere still out performs them, so. So that’s what I got for you right now. I got to stay busy.

Real quick we’ve got four generations here on the family farm. This is our first family farm so its really a big deal. While were all here were going to chip in and get this whole wood lot area cleaned up, starting with this big mess right here. As you can see I kind of let things lay about after we put the concrete on the big barn and now were going to get all this cleaned up/get the woodlot more organized.

(Hud-Son Forest Equipment Freedom line portable sawmill)

I hope the rock guy does an awesome job spreading that rock out so bam on that! Chickens can’t wait to b perma-culture chickens so don’t ever hold them back! There always up here working on the multch pile along with(who is that, Molly?) Hey, don’t you chase those chickens now! She’s doing really good on her farm training.

You have to remember that I could have edited it out or all of a sudden the log is on the sawmill but it takes practice to learn this stuff. I’ve never loaded a log onto a sawmill. That was the first time ever so I’m kind of like scrambling about but give me a couple times. Working with the equipment, figuring this stuff out.

Again, thanks for watching our videos! Got any questions about what’s going on this video or about the woodlot or anything else that you might have because we do live off grid, in a log cabin with no public utilities, no solar power, no wind turbine, no electricity. We have a little generator to use on demand. That’s it!! We have lived out here for 10 years! So if you have a question about something like that drop it in the comment section below. We’ll see you guys next video. We’re having lots of fun in 2020 so don’t miss a single video! Hit the subscribe button, give me a thumbs up sign on the way out. We’ll see you tomorrow!!!