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If your off grid, you’re going to want to create your own lumber. A lot of off grid people like myself are very self sufficient minded, so we like to be able to provide for ourselves for some odd reason we cant just go to the store and buy lumber.

So if you have a sawmill because your dealing with the trees anyways. So this is a Hud-Son Forest Equipment Warrior portable sawmill. It’s been working fantastic for us and were about to load that 6,000 pound log onto this sawmill.

So if you haven’s subscribed to our channel make sure you do subscribe because we are cutting some more siding for the building we are building down at the log cabin.

Really good asset. Super nice folks and there made in America, in upstate New York.

I’ll make a link for that, I don’t make a dime off it. They are super cool and they make great products!

Hud-Son Forest Equipment
Barneveld, NY



The Hud-Son Slabber was designed with you in mind. This is a more economical model that is still able to cut large 52”  diameter logs and create 48” countertops, tabletops, bar tops, mantels and more. Powered by a powerful 23HP Briggs and Stratton Vanguard V-twin engine, manual lift for precise measurements, and an affordable 1 ¼ thin kerf blade. The Slabber is built with 19” band wheels, which still allows an 11” maximum thickness cut, while achieving a lower profile sawmill that is easy to operate and maintain.

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oscar series hud-son portable sawmillhomesteader line sawmill from hud-son

Okay that was a second log on Mill and now off the mill. I ran out of daylight though so I had to kinda patch this one together for you guys. It’s the next morning, I woke up early this morning and I started getting the boards the ends cut off so they were nice and square and also to rip them I have to cut them because they’re so wide down to 11inches and a quarter for our boards were to be putting on the building and then I’ll actually have some leftover and we’ll be able to use for another project so that was really cool. Really enjoying the mill so far is a great asset to have on the homestead so let me get these board ripped real quick and then we’ll be ready to apply the first set of boards onto the building.

That’s a couple good days on the dogger there. Getting it done.  It is looking really good.  Yeah is pretty exciting to actually Mill our own lumber here. We knew that it was coming and now that it’s here and we’re actually doing it. Its actually a pretty cool experience. You know and when they say, and kids ask, where do eggs come from? The grocery store!. The come from a chicken.  But it’s kind of like when I saw the mill you didn’t know and I didn’t really put it together. Until I saw him cutting them and then I’m looking at them and his cutting them into actual boards. So its like one of things and people ask where did you get board from and you say, you get it from the lumber store, or from like the big box stores or something. And its crazy to know and look and see that we’re milling our own Boards. Get it from the tree. Yeah its crazy and when you kinda put that analogy together its really cool. So its a big step for us on the project guys we actually got some boards hung up. Stay tuned!


Oscar 2

“We purchased an Oscar II Sawmill from one of your dealers back in 2000 and we literally worked the snot out of it. Our home is 5500 sq ft and every element was cut from Oscar Hud-son sawmill lumber.

The frame (except wall studs), flooring, sub floors, trusses, rafters, clap board siding (made on a jig) – hundreds of thousands of feet of 1x6s, 2x8s, columns and trim, every interior door – all hand made from hickory, cherry, walnut, and red wood.

All told, we literally saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in construction costs with the help of your equipment. I can say with confidence that the combined total cost of every building we built over 20 years did not exceed $100,000 in total cost to finish. Tremendous value!

Then tragedy struck. We awoke to a fire that totally destroyed our sawmill operation. The barn lost was 2 story with 16 years worth of excess lumber stored in the loft for future projects, poles and beams, salvaged barn lumber, siding, plus a huge pile of exotics in slab form all picked up to dry and cure.

I still have many more projects to build into my retirement years.”

Marvin & Brenda
Rose Hill, VA




And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for man glitter hahaha I’m just as excited as everybody else

Long Time coming waiting on the weather but honestly waiting on my nerve I’m actually a little bit nervous about firing up the sawmill this is the first time I’ve ever operated The sawmill first time I’ve ever cut my own lumber.  If you guys have been around our channel for a while my wife and I we live in the log cabin that you seen the video that we built that ourselves but I actually harvested the wood and had it sent to a sawmill for them to Mill it up for me this is the first time that we’ve actually harvested logs and we’re bringing him here to our own sawmill so as far as living off-grid or living on our homestead the main goal for us is to be as sustainable and self-sufficient as we can and making our own lumber and other items that we can actually barter or sell or trade for is a big waves in homestead


So whats this here is a warrior sawmill by Hudson it’s a really nice campaign that they came up with this sawmill right here as you can see is kind of decorated in some military garb because every sale of this saw will actually donate a portion of the sales to our veterans okay so that’s some good solid stuff right there


I’m going to do a few things here make sure the batteries are all this is all hooked up I’m going to go over my nuts and bolts off camera so you guys aren’t bored Then we’re going to start it up and we’re going to start making our boards


stay tuned as we’re going to learn how to use this saw and we’re going to Mill up all the outside lumber for the building that we put up last summer of the learning center where the solar power is so stay tuned for that you’re going to see how all this lumber comes right out of these logs and goes right on that building.

Veteran and NASA Scientist CW of Double Eagle Sawmill Live Edge Slabber

Saluting Shadow to CW Bailey of Double Eagle Sawmill. CW is a Veteran of the US Air Force and United Space Alliance as a rocket scientist for 30 years. When they closed the NASA program CW decided he would go into business for himself cutting wood. Very quickly CW was able to grow his company on Live Edge boards and Custom Sawing.

In addition to the Double Eagle Sawmills Hud-Son Oscar-330 and Hud-Son H360 for sawmilling needs, a Hud-Son Brute Jr was just added for firewood needs. With many local BBQ’s that cook with wood, even in Para-nice Florida, CW found a need to supply firewood. Many of CW customers are areas Restaurants, Grills, and Tiki Bars featuring CW’s live edge slabs and firewood.

From all of us at Hud-Son Forest Equipment we salute you for your service to this great country. From the US Air Force, NASA, Community involvement, and excitement for God’s renewable resource Wood.

Check out many of CW’s projects at

Pictured here is CW recieving the Snoopy Award presented by the Crew Of Discovery for STS-128


Without understanding this important step. It maybe difficult to square up and Edge your boards using the sawmill at and Edger.

The Hud-Son Forest Equipment DB-1 chainsaw debarker is a valuable chainsaw attachment that will save you time and money.

The DB-1 when used as a debarker before sawing logs ill prolong the life of your blades and will save you money.

Whether you are a custom furniture maker, contractor, the DB-1 will help you achieve that rustic wood look you desire.

A great tool for debarking logs, making fence posts, notching, restoration work, and more!

The DB-1 works with 3 1/4 inch planer blades. These blades are powered by your chainsaw chain and attached at the end of your bar.

It requires bolts thru your bar and a two inch longer chain that will work with any chainsaw.

For more information contact us now at

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